Saturday, May 22, 2010


Darn it. I didn't post yesterday, the day before, the before, or the day before. I haven't posted since Friday. And today's Wednesday. Well, on Saturday I went to my grandma's house. On Sunday, my cousin graduated from Cal State Fullerton. We went to Sizzler's and to my aunt's house afterwards. On Monday was Honors Night. I got scholarship (honor roll) for three semesters. I'm planning on going again next year for 5 semesters. :) Yesterday I felt like crud. I had a fever, major headache and body aches. Ugh. Today, I don't feel as crud-y, but that's because I took Tylenol. So, since I have some time and my headache isn't as bad, I'm blogging.

But I can't get in to that right now... I have news....

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....


Lee from Tossing it Out has tagged me. It's a "what if" game.

If I were a...

MONTH: April. One: I was born in this month. Two: I love the rain.

DAY: Friday. It's the end of the week. And the beginning of the weekend.

TIME OF DAY: 8:00 PM. All my favorite shows are on at this time. Plus, it starts getting dark at that time in the summer. In the winter, it's already dark.

SEASON: Winter. I love the cold. (Even if I don't fell cold.) It's an excuse to wear a sweater.

PLANET: Mars. There's a possibility of life there. Maybe.

DIRECTION: West. I go to West (school). I live in the West Coast. Always have.

TREE: Magnolia. Which always makes me think Mongolia. Which makes me think Cambodia. Which makes me think Holiday in Cambodia, a song. That I don't like. Weird. But I'm like that.

ANIMAL: Wolf. Is it really a surprise? *howls*

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Guitar. Any kind. Electric. Acoustic. I don't care. I like the guitar.

FRUIT: Watermelon. It's perfect in the summer. It almost makes me forget the crazy hot. Almost.

FOOD: Pizza. How American of me. I eat it everyday, because at my school, it's either that or cafeteria food. Seriously? I especially like pizza when it's microwaved. I really don't know why. I also don't like frozen pizza.

COLOR: Green. One: It's my favorite color. Two: It's the color of trees, grass, and life in general. It symbolizes the element Earth.

BOOK: Marley and Me. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes it's really sad. Sometimes it's really funny. And sometimes it's just life.

SONG: Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema. I like it. It's Indie. Which is kind of weird for me, but it's a cool song. I like the lyrics too. I'd sing along, but it goes a bit too fast. I could sing along if I had the lyrics right in front of my face.

MOVIE: Beauty and the Beast. The Disney cartoon version. Why? One: There was something about the Beast that reminds of why I fall for werewolves (in books, not real life. That would be cool, though). Two: I must admit that I still like some of the songs. Three: It has a happy/sad ending. It depends on how you wish to see it.

FLOWER: Rue. One: It's pretty. Two: It's the name of a character in The Hunger Games. She's a 12-year-old girl. She dies and Katniss (the main character) sings to her as she dies and covers her with flowers.

FACIAL EXPRESSION: Laughing. No matter how bad I am feeling, a good laugh can make me feel better.

And I pass it on to...

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Have a good writing day!
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  1. Congrats on the Honor Roll. My son graduates this year and he got a Medallion Scholarship. Help pay for some college...Plus we prepaid for some college. Life is expensive.
    I'll have to get back with you on the tag...Give me time. I'll have to digest and think about all those things...:)
    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    DJ GlenMC

  2. thanks wolfie :) i will see if i can do this. but meanwhile, i appreciate you tagging me and i liked reading your answers. i too love the cold and the rain and the west coast~

    have a great day!


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