Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, it's Tuesday

*Really-super-big SIGH*
I have nothing to write about! *Screams!* I had this whole thing I wanted to write about. It slipped my mind the moment I started typing the title.

Sorry for the breakdown. But it gets me thinking. How old do you think I am? If I told you my age, would you be surprised? I'm just curious is all. That's my Tuesday Thoughts.
What else have I been thinking this fine day?
I've been thinking about how bipolar California is. It's been cold (according to my parents) in the mornings. Then the afternoons are hot. I don't like hot weather. It makes me feel claustrophobic. I love the cold. That way, I can get under a blanket or two and be happy. When it's hot, I can't exactly take all my clothes off. I guess I could, but that would be really weird. Nope, I won't be doing that any time soon.
Speaking of hot and no clothes. Whenever I say I'm thirsty, or dehydrating or something, my friend will say, "People in Hell are thirsty. So don't complain." I really hate it when she says that. (Is Hell considered a cuss word?) Last time I checked, I wasn't in Hell. I have the right to drink water. It just so happens that at that moment, I don't have a water bottle. I would go to the water fountain, but it scares me. You can never know what people do to those. And when I explain to her that I am not in Hell (Seriously, is it a cuss word?), she just says "Yeah. So?" I don't know. We are so similar and so different. Sometimes, when things are really bad, I wonder why we're friends at all. I don't know. Sometimes I love her. Sometimes she's my best friend. We'll laugh together like nothing. Other times, she gets on my nerves. That's when I'm afraid I'll break and yell at her. If I did, she would have no idea why. She'd have no idea.
So, yeah. That was a bit personal, I guess. Oh well. I kind of needed to get that out there. I hate having to pretend. Do you realize that you're always pretending? No matter what. You're pretending to like your dinner. You're pretending to like the person you're talking to. You're pretending to care about what people are telling you. Sometimes you don't realize you're pretending. That's how good you are.
I'm getting deep. It's only Tuesday. Oh my, my, my. Well, I can certainly tell you that I have a variety of topics to choose from for my Sunday post. I'm reading a really good book. It's Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. She's also the author of My Sister's Keeper, another really good book. It's a movie an dI haven't seen it yet, so I have to. Another movie I haven't seen is The Lovely Bones. I loved the book. It was so good! So, there's Tuesday.
Have a good writing day! (Try to guess my age!)
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  1. I guess...16...Anyway...No, I don't sit around just waiting to be the first to post...but here lately...I'm frickin' going to be 50 in December...AAAAAAHHH...whatev...

    Hell? A curse word? Let me tell you a story that I heard about a preachers' convention. All these preachers were gather at this convention when the main speaker got in front of this group. He looked down at them and said, "Millions of people outside of these doors are going to hell and you don't give a sh*t."

    The audience was stunned.

    He continued, "As a matter of fact, you're more concerned that I said sh*t than the fact that there are millions of people going to hell."

    That's the problem with the religious community. We are more concerned with what we think is 'good' and 'bad' behavior instead of just loving those around us...

    I know I should have just posted this on my blog. But, I do loves me some Pink Floyd. LOL.

    Okay, that's my comment on your blog.

    Read Dean Koontz's "Life Expectancy." That's a good one.

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    DJ GlenMC

  2. I put you at somewhere between age 26 to 29.
    I'm new to your blog via Arlee Bird.
    If I have to settle on an actual age I'll go for the former. These are the ages of my two oldest daughters. If Arlee Bird is our uncle then you are more likely to be younger than older and your writing here suggests a somewhat older sensibility than early twenties, at least to me. Besides your choice of books hints at middle twenties, at least.

  3. Betty and I saw The Lovely Bones a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I don't know how it compares to the book.

    I liked Glen's answer about "hell" being a cuss word. When I was young it was considered a bad word to say. Actually, it is a commonly used word to described bad places or situations. You probably wouldn't want to over use it or just casually throw it out in conversation. It should be used to gain appropriate impact.

    Tio Lee


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