Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Another Sunday Post

I didn't realize what some of my comments said until I actually checked my post and carefully read them. Then I realized: HEY!

I've been tagged.
Isn't it cool? It came from DuDo. Yay! Thank you so much!
And now, apparently I have to write three good things about myself.

Let's see how that goes:
1.) I don't get mad. I can get really annoyed, but I don't necessarily get mad. (Meaning that I also don't hold grudges. That's an impossibility for me.)
2.) I love writing. How is this a good thing? Maybe one day my writing will change the world. You never know.
3.) Oh, wow. I can't think of a third one. Umm.... how about.... I will always be there if you need me. I may not know how to help, or if I can, but I'll be there for you.

And I'm really excited about this part! Now, I get to give it to other people!
But who do I give it to?

How about:
Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out (Thanks for the secrets to blogging! I couldn't have done it without you!)
Raquel Byrnes at Raquel Byrnes (You have an awesome blog and I hope you know it!)
AchingHope at Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing (Thanks for the contest! Your blog's awesome. Don't you forget it!)
Tori Cooper at This Journey Called Life (I love your blog! Keep it up!)
Glen at Glen's Blog Spot (You deserve more attention than you get.)
Grammy Ruby at Blabbin' Grammy (You have such a lovely blog. *Round of applause*)
A Rose Colored Glass at A Rose Colored Glass (I was so surpised when I looked through your blog. I loved it. Keep going! Love yourself! Don't care what otehrs think!)

Congrats! RAWR!

Also, I wanted to mention a contest for a really cool book.

Summary: A loner in his all-white high school, Chinese-born Xing (pronounced “Shing”) is a wallflower longing for acceptance. His isolation is intensified by his increasingly awkward and undeniable crush on his only friend, the beautiful and brilliant Naomi Lee. Xing’s quiet adolescent existence is rattled when a series of disappearances rock his high school and fear ripples through the blue collar community in which he lives. Amidst the chaos surrounding him, only Xing, alone on the sidelines of life, takes notice of some peculiar sightings around town. He begins to investigate with the hope that if he can help put an end to the disappearances, he will finally win the acceptance for which he has longed. However, as Xing draws closer to unveiling the identity of the abductor, he senses a noose of suspicion tightening around his own neck. While Xing races to solve the mystery and clear his name, Crossing hurtles readers towards a chilling climax.

Good luck! Have a good writing day!
(Win a contest! Hug a bear! Eat a pineapple!)
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  1. Wow. I really want to read CROSSSING now. You have a great blog. Thanks for all the effort and creativity you put into it, Roland

  2. Hey, thanks for the award and the shout out! You are very generous. =) I'll check out the Crossing site...sounds interesting.

  3. Thanks for the tag...and the plug for my site bro. Keep on writing dude. You'll go somewhere...
    I'll be checking in on you...Be cool bro...

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    I loves me some Pink Floyd.
    DJ GlenMC

    I'll have to think of 3 things to write about...hmmm.

  4. Love the dinosaur pix. I keep meaning to tell you that...Love it love it love.

    Coolio dudio...

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    I still loves me some Floyd.
    DJ GlenMC

  5. Thanks for the award, really appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you around the blogfests!

  6. Hey, Wolfie,
    Thank you for the really neat award! I will pick it up when I get back from seeing our grandson get married. I am so looking forward to getting away for a while! I will still blog from Texas, but I want to wait until then so that I can have the pic on my desktop here. (not taking my 'puter with me). I look forward to reading some more of your blogs!Thanks for the shout out and really sweet comments!
    Best regards to you,

  7. :) i guess my smile says it all....

  8. Awww... Thanks :D I feel so special :)

  9. Hey wolfie- I got your message! Thank you so much for the adorable award! I love it! I feel so honored and special! :-D I will pass it on for sure! Thank you once again!!

  10. I'm accepting this award on my site tomorrow Wednesday May 5. Thank you for thinking of me.

    Tio Lee
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

  11. I'm the same way.. I find it very difficult to hold a grudge. I often forget why I was mad at someone to begin with. Probably laziness on my part.


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