Monday, May 10, 2010

Hip Hip Horray- NOT!!!

I'm annoyed. Today wasn't necessarily a bad day, but I've definitely had better.

I finished testing today.
I got tons of notes for a project I have due on Friday.
I finished my intro.

I have a Social Studies project due Friday. I should be working on it right now, but I decided to get this post outta the way first.
I have an English project due Friday.
I have a name tag for Social Studies due tomorrow.

Don't Mondays just seem to make everything seem worse? That and my friend.... GRRRR. I choose to wrong person to talk back to. I swear, today she just really got me thinking... And then I know everything will be "o.k." tomorrow. I'll forget what happened and we'll be BFFs. It's not like she knows why she gets me mad. It's not like she would care. *Sigh.*
How would you define a true friend? Would it be someone you can have fun with, even if she hurts you occasionally? Would it be someone you can talk to, not matter what? I don't know. It's amazing to see how similar and different we are. Surely I'm not the only one who notices. I hate thinking bad things about her, but I also hate ignoring what's in front of me. I've said before that I'm the quiet type. If you're like that, then you know that you hear a lot more than other people do. You seem to notice a lot more. And you don't say too much about it. I'm like that. I hate it, but that's how I am. I don't know how she affects (effects?) other people. I just know that she particular affects (effects?) me.
Imma stop now. I seem to forget about it over the weekend. I'm back in reality on Mondays. I was like this last week. I'm sorry. I'm probably boring you with my problems. It helps me think, though, when I write about it. It helps.
So if you've read this, thank you.
Have a good writing day!
(I'm trying to upload the intro to Youtube. I'll tell you when I do.)
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  1. A True Friend. I think of one of my dearest living friends (I had a very dear friend of 45 years who recently passed away that I would include) with whom I can trust my deepest thoughts. She is not a gossip. She is never judgmental. She just listens.

    Mondays. I'm thinking back to the days when I taught freshman English. Facing Monday. The lecture. Maybe handing back essays I've spent all weekend reading. I was always nervous thinking about facing the students - and then always relaxed when I stood in front of them. Just get past Monday...

    It does help to have someone listen to your problems. I've listened, and wish you a good Tuesday.

  2. A true friend is someone who makes you a better person through that friendship.

  3. Thank y'all for listening. That's all a quiet person ever really wants (besides tons of books).
    Ann Best: I really hope my Tuesday is good, too. Athough, I gotta say:
    The only day I dislike more than Monday is Tuesday. ;)
    Alex: Maybe she wouldn't be considered a friend. But I love talking to her when she's not annoying me. Or when we're not talking about stuff that really matters. We can make up a whole new world. Write about it. Practically live in it. But I can't talk to her about anything important. And she very rarely makes me a better person.

  4. You can talk to a true friend. They might make fun, but you know they've listened to you and they rememebered. Sometimes no words are exchanged, but you can sense that the feeling of caring is there. A true friend is someone whom you can give a big hug to and not feel weird about it. A true friend is someone you can get mad at and they can get mad at you, but in the end you are still true friends.

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