Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh, the joy! It's Friday. Thank you God!
You think I'm kidding? I'm so not.
Thank you God! TGIF!
Go on! Thank Him right now. NOW!

Have you done it yet?


Everything always works itself out. As a professional procrastinator, I know these things. I'm so happy. Only a few more weeks of school. I'm good. I'm gonna make it. This has been one heckuva month. Gosh.
Anyways, it is FRIDAY! For all you geniuses who haven't noticed.
That means:

Yipee! *Squeals with excitement*
What blogs will I find out there? You never know. I did find these though (and thought they were worth noting):

- sharing our spaces: She is much much more than she seems.
- She Who Seeks: This blog was really nice. I liked it a lot.
- BEATNHEART: She just had her first contest. I just missed it. Oh well. She makes jewelry and its beautiful. ;)
- sittingonanoak: And amusing blog. I'm glad I found it. ;)
- Lost In The Pages: She's a big reader. Does that sound familiar?
- Dances With Teddy Bears: She makes teddy bears. They're really cool.
- Tales from the Nightstand: Books. Oh, books. I love blogs that include books. :0

Watcha think? They good? Of course, I found a lot more than just these blogs. But, these are the ones I thought were EXTRAORDINARY. Have you found any REALLY cool blogs lately? I would love to know about them.
Also, I wanted to say something about the Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites. Well, about MY post. Just so y'all know, I don't like whole entire albums. I don't. I really don't.
So, instead, I'm kind of gonna do my own little thing and instead of albums, I'm gonna do artists. Fifteen favorite artists. I'll write about my top fifteen songs (because there are about that many songs in an album, anyway). So, it'll be interesting.
Oh, also I'm thirteen away from 50 followers. When I get there (and I have a feeling its gonna be soon), I wanna do a.... thing. I'm not sure. I do have a few ideas for blogfests. I wanna try this "Guess Who?" thing. You see the "Guess Who?" picture in my sidebar? That's what inspired it. Expect, instead of famous authors and giving away free books and stuff (*sigh* that would be cool, wouldn't it?), I wanna do a Blogger "Guess Who?" thing. Every week I would give you some clues and a hint. There would be a list of bloggers. You would have to guess who the Blogger of the week is. I figure that this would be a good way to spread the word about my blog, along with several other blogs that are floating along out there. Don't you think? Unfortunately, there would be no prizes. I'm broke. But if you wanna donate stuff......
Just kidding.

Wells, Imma do some more blog surfing.

Happy Friday!

Have a good writing day!
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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Wolfie 402!

  2. I know how it is-- I have always been a procrastinator as well.
    15 favorite songs will work -- It will give some idea as what your musical tastes are.

    Tio Lee

  3. I'm just getting going with the blog exploration. Finding some fun stuff.


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