Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do Be Do Be Do Ba

I don't know. Please don't ask me about the title. I'm somewhat bored right now.
So, I went to school today. Technically, I didn't though, because I went on a field trip to Medieval Times. It was fun. I just wish we didn't get back in time for 6th period. My 6th period is English. As it turned out, we had a test on Messenger by Lois Lowry. We had finished reading it. Of course, I didn't know about the test because I was sick yesterday and didn't go to school.
And now I'm over explaining. I hate when I do that.
Back to the matter at hand-
I have no matter at hand.
Dang. Um. Yeah.
Today's Thursday...
OH! My favorite show is being canceled!!!!!
I love FlashForward. Unfortunately, the show wasn't getting enough views. So, of course, they decided to cancel it. And it's my favorite show. What do you know? Grr.... Life is so unfair. *sigh*
I can't believe school is almost over. Wow. Time flies.
You know what I mean right?
It's like, you get so used to the way things are. Then, reality hits you.
Summer is almost here.

Wouldn't that be a funny commercial? I could just see it now.
"You get used to the way things are... then.... reality hits you..." DRAMATIC PAUSE
"Summer is almost here.... Buy yellow tooth picks.... They'll make your summer smiles bright."

That was random. Yellow tooth picks?
Should I go now? Before I start talking about purple bananas and flying sausages?
Yeah.... maybe I should go now...
I hope I entertained you.

Have a good writing day!
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  1. I think your title is a sheep singing Sinatra.

  2. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have yours. Very interesting.
    I am now a follower.
    God Bless, Bob


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