Monday, May 31, 2010

And guess what? I haven't posted this weekend. Dang....
You wanna know what happened?
On Saturday, I had my interview for the girls internship engineering program. I think it went okay. I'm definitely excited. But I'm trying not to get my hopes too high. I just fall that much harder if I'm not picked.
After that my cousin/best friend came over. We were bored most of the time because my sister was here. We can't necessarily talk when an insistent seven-year-old wants us to play with her.
Yesterday I went to my uncle's house. I went to the pool with my cousins and sister. It was fun.
And then today is Monday. I have today off because it is Memorial Day.
So, let's have a moment of silence, to remember......

Was that good enough for you? I hope so... online silences are awkward, have you noticed?
Have you noticed what a boring person I am? Some people can ramble on and on about nothing... sometimes it's annoying. Sometimes I like it because then I can just focus on something else. But I'm not one of those people. I can't talk about something that means nothing. I can't force a conversation. I really don't mind silences all that much... Unless, of course, they are very awkward. In that case, I might try to start a conversation, but it'll be the most boring conversation in the world. So, yeah....
By the way, don't get the idea that I can't talk a lot. I actually can, but it has to be with the right person. Also, I'm more of a listener. Partially because, for whatever reason, I can't talk. Something just keeps me from talking about my feelings and emotions or crud like that.
I'd rather listen to somebody else's problems. I'm more likely to help them. Or be there for them. Did I mention I have a very low self-esteem?
Yeah.... I don't have anything else to say...
You now know what that means....
Have a good writing day!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh, Friday! I'm so excited and so scared and so nervous.
There's this girls internship engineering program. You spend one week at Cal State Long Beach. I applied for this. I got accepted. Yay!
Tomorrow is my interview. That's why I'm scared.
And nervous.
And excited.
So, yeah. My friend also got accepted... so I'll be seeing her tomorrow at the interview... Yay!

So right now I'm eating Skittles. Did you know that I like Skittles? I really like Skittles. They're the best. Ah.... Skittles. Do you like Skittles? I don't know how I would live without Skittles. I guess I could... but I would need more chocolate. I'm sure you know what I mean about the chocolate.
All this sugar... how can you not be happy?
The sucky part is that sugar isn't exactly healthy, or good for you. But, hey, life's short. I'd enjoy what I can, when I can.
Speaking of which, I get confused on subjects like this.
Would it be better to live life, love it, and die young?
Or hate life, and die old?
Do you get what I'm saying?
It's confusing. Very, very confusing. And I'm very very random.
So, Imma go now.
Have a good random writing day!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don't know. Please don't ask me about the title. I'm somewhat bored right now.
So, I went to school today. Technically, I didn't though, because I went on a field trip to Medieval Times. It was fun. I just wish we didn't get back in time for 6th period. My 6th period is English. As it turned out, we had a test on Messenger by Lois Lowry. We had finished reading it. Of course, I didn't know about the test because I was sick yesterday and didn't go to school.
And now I'm over explaining. I hate when I do that.
Back to the matter at hand-
I have no matter at hand.
Dang. Um. Yeah.
Today's Thursday...
OH! My favorite show is being canceled!!!!!
I love FlashForward. Unfortunately, the show wasn't getting enough views. So, of course, they decided to cancel it. And it's my favorite show. What do you know? Grr.... Life is so unfair. *sigh*
I can't believe school is almost over. Wow. Time flies.
You know what I mean right?
It's like, you get so used to the way things are. Then, reality hits you.
Summer is almost here.

Wouldn't that be a funny commercial? I could just see it now.
"You get used to the way things are... then.... reality hits you..." DRAMATIC PAUSE
"Summer is almost here.... Buy yellow tooth picks.... They'll make your summer smiles bright."

That was random. Yellow tooth picks?
Should I go now? Before I start talking about purple bananas and flying sausages?
Yeah.... maybe I should go now...
I hope I entertained you.

Have a good writing day!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Darn it. I didn't post yesterday, the day before, the before, or the day before. I haven't posted since Friday. And today's Wednesday. Well, on Saturday I went to my grandma's house. On Sunday, my cousin graduated from Cal State Fullerton. We went to Sizzler's and to my aunt's house afterwards. On Monday was Honors Night. I got scholarship (honor roll) for three semesters. I'm planning on going again next year for 5 semesters. :) Yesterday I felt like crud. I had a fever, major headache and body aches. Ugh. Today, I don't feel as crud-y, but that's because I took Tylenol. So, since I have some time and my headache isn't as bad, I'm blogging.

But I can't get in to that right now... I have news....

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....


Lee from Tossing it Out has tagged me. It's a "what if" game.

If I were a...

MONTH: April. One: I was born in this month. Two: I love the rain.

DAY: Friday. It's the end of the week. And the beginning of the weekend.

TIME OF DAY: 8:00 PM. All my favorite shows are on at this time. Plus, it starts getting dark at that time in the summer. In the winter, it's already dark.

SEASON: Winter. I love the cold. (Even if I don't fell cold.) It's an excuse to wear a sweater.

PLANET: Mars. There's a possibility of life there. Maybe.

DIRECTION: West. I go to West (school). I live in the West Coast. Always have.

TREE: Magnolia. Which always makes me think Mongolia. Which makes me think Cambodia. Which makes me think Holiday in Cambodia, a song. That I don't like. Weird. But I'm like that.

ANIMAL: Wolf. Is it really a surprise? *howls*

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Guitar. Any kind. Electric. Acoustic. I don't care. I like the guitar.

FRUIT: Watermelon. It's perfect in the summer. It almost makes me forget the crazy hot. Almost.

FOOD: Pizza. How American of me. I eat it everyday, because at my school, it's either that or cafeteria food. Seriously? I especially like pizza when it's microwaved. I really don't know why. I also don't like frozen pizza.

COLOR: Green. One: It's my favorite color. Two: It's the color of trees, grass, and life in general. It symbolizes the element Earth.

BOOK: Marley and Me. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes it's really sad. Sometimes it's really funny. And sometimes it's just life.

SONG: Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema. I like it. It's Indie. Which is kind of weird for me, but it's a cool song. I like the lyrics too. I'd sing along, but it goes a bit too fast. I could sing along if I had the lyrics right in front of my face.

MOVIE: Beauty and the Beast. The Disney cartoon version. Why? One: There was something about the Beast that reminds of why I fall for werewolves (in books, not real life. That would be cool, though). Two: I must admit that I still like some of the songs. Three: It has a happy/sad ending. It depends on how you wish to see it.

FLOWER: Rue. One: It's pretty. Two: It's the name of a character in The Hunger Games. She's a 12-year-old girl. She dies and Katniss (the main character) sings to her as she dies and covers her with flowers.

FACIAL EXPRESSION: Laughing. No matter how bad I am feeling, a good laugh can make me feel better.

And I pass it on to...

Diana at Rotten With Images

DJ GlenMC at Glen's Blog Spot

Katie at Sharing Our Spaces

A Rose Colored Glass at A Rose Colored Glass

Have a good writing day!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Really-super-big *SIGH*
It has been one heckuva week. I never would've thought so much could happen! And I'm not just talking about projects and home work. I finally understand the drama part of school. You know? The part where she said this and someone else said that.
I will never understand it, but I am now a part of it. *Sigh*
Oh well. I'll deal with that at school. Not here. This is my blog! In case you haven't noticed. If you haven't, I'm sorry, but you are slow.
I'm probably sounding more like a teenager today than I ever have before. It's kind of annoying. Can I stop now?

No, wait. One more thing. I found this website. You know Pokemon, right? I used to love them when I was younger. I still kind of like it, but not as much. Well, I found this website where you can hatch eggs and raise Pokemon and stuff. I just started, though. I want to hatch my egg. So, can you please click on it?

When you get to the link, click on the little picture of the egg, under the heading IMAGE. It'll send you to another link. There, you click on the little button saying "Yes! Hold the Egg!"
Grazie! (Thank you!)

Okay, back to myself.

I would love to blog surf. I really would. But I'm too tired to do such a thing. I just wanted to point something out. Lying comes to naturally to me. I never realized that. Until recently. And it bothers me. I can tell a lie. Without much effort. However, when I'm accused of anything, whether I did it or not, I look guilty. I'm always nervous that I'll be blamed for something I didn't do. And because I'm always expecting that, I look guilty when something like that happens.
I also noticed that my conscious has a way of eating me. I promised my friend that I wouldn't steal her idea. It was good. I told her I wouldn't. She was all scared because she thought I would. I didn't, by the way. But my point is, I still feel somewhat guilty. I don't know why. I didn't do anything. I didn't take her idea. But still. I don't know. I've known her since second grade. Which, considering my cruddy memory, is forever. No matter what, she's always been there. So, yeah. I realized today what a great friend she was. I know that's weird. But I realized how much she trusts me. Yeah, she's an awesome friend. I'm very glad I have her.
And I'm also glad it's Friday. And I'm also nervous. You see, me and my friend (the one mentioned above) applied for this Girls Engineering Internship Program thing. For one week, the people who are selected are going to reside on-campus at Cal State Long Beach. And it's an engineering internship program. I'm still not clear on what's going to happen, but it sounds interesting. I've been interested in engineering for a few years now. This would be a great opportunity. Just so you know, one of my goals in life is to go to Stanford University. I want to stay in California, which is part of the reason. But I really want to go to Stanford. For engineering. There you go. My college goal.
But that's still a few years away. No need to worry about that too much right now.
I should go now. I'm just talking nothing. Maybe I should set up a back-up schedule. For when I don't have anything to write about. That's not a bad idea. I'll probably tell you about it tomorrow. Be prepared! Saturday Versus is tomorrow!
Have a good writing day!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Today is the greatest / day I've ever known."

Sound familiar? Yes? No? It's Today by Smashing Pumpkins.

No, I'm not going to talk about it today. Today, I talk about THE FOREVERS. Hurray!!! I feel so bad for not posting yesterday. Or the day before. Darn. *Sigh.*
THE FOREVERS, in case you forgot or didn't read my Monday post, are songs that I have heard for as long as I can remember. And by that I mean, I loved them and would listen to them over and over and over... and over.... and..... over.... again.

Somebody Told Me - The Killers
The Killers. You heard of them? Well, you probably have heard this song. I don't know how you could not hear this song at least once. Of course, if you haven't, then you haven't. Just don't tell me about it. I love this song. I really don't know why. It's so catchy. Well, as catchy as alternative can be. "Somebody told me / you had a boyfriend / that looks like a girlfriend / that I had in Febraury of last year / It's not confidential / I've got potential"

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
It starts out one way and changes a minute into the song. I always liked that. It makes it interesting. It's really cool. You know, for alternative. Which means I like it. I don't know how you would describe the lyrics. "So if you're lonely / you know I'm here waiting for you / I'm just a crosshair / I'm just a shot away from you / And if you leave here / You leave me broken, shattered, i lie / I'm jsut a crosshair / I'm just a shot, then we can die"

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
More alternative. You can see why I like it so much now. "What if I say I'm not like the others? / What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? / You're the pretender / What if I say I will never surrender?"

How You Remind Me - Nickelback
I really don't know why I like it. Other than it sounds awesome. The lyrics are catchy, I guess. I really don't know. But I've always known it and I love it. "Never made it as a wise man / I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing / Tired of living like a blind man / I'm sick inside without a sense of feeling"

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
I love this song. I used to love it a lot more, though. Now, I like the last two minutes. Or around there. I like the beginning thirty seconds and the first verse, too. Of course, I still like the rest, but I mostly like these parts. "She's got a smile that it seems to me / Reminds me of childhood memories / Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky" - Verse 1 "Where do we go? / Where do we go now? / Where do we go? / Where do we go? / Where do we go now? / Where do we go (now) / Where do we go? (sweet child) / oh, where do we go now?" - Last minute and a half.

November Rain - Guns N' Roses
I really don't know the whole song. I know I've heard it tons of times, but I don't think I ever actually heard the whole song. I know it's at least six minutes long, if not longer. So, yeah I don't think I've heard the whole song. "Sometimes I need some time...on my own / Sometimes I need some time...all alone / Everybody needs some time...on their own / Don't you know you need some time...all alone"

Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
This song is so weird. I don't know, it just is. I still like it, though. I remember playing it over and over and over again on my Hello Kitty "Yo listen up / here's a story / About a little guy that lives in a blue world / And all day and all night and everything he sees / Is just blue / Like him inside and outside / Blue his house with a blue little window / And a blue Corvette / And everything is blue for him / And himself and everybody around / Cause he ain't got nobody to listen"

Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
I have no idea why, but whenever I hear this song I have an image of a house in my head. It's dark a window is cracked. It's like I'm looking through that cracked window, looking at what's going on inside the house. Te be fair, I've been listening to this song since I was five. I used to sing it at the top of my lungs and twirl around and around. I used to have a web cam that I knew how to use very well (yes, at age five). I would record myself singing and dancing. I LOVED that song. I never knew what it was actually saying, though, until I heard it again about a year or so ago. Turns out its about a car crash. The guy was with his girlfriend or something and they got in a car crash. The girl dies. Hence, "Last Kiss." I guess a part of the reason I didn't understand is because I was five. How well does a five year old understand death, much less a song about it? Of course, my abuelita died when I was one. My parents say that I somehow knew she ws gone. I don't know. I really don't remember. I was one. It's kind of a sore spot for me. "Oh, where oh where can my baby be? / The Lord took her away from me / She's gone to heaven, so I got to be good / So I can see my baby when I leave this world. "

A Dios Le Pido - Juanes
Oh my God. This was another song I loved so much. It's in Spanish, in case you haven't noticed. A Dios Le Pido meaning, well, I'm not good with translations. I'm really not. I know what it means, but in Spanish. I can't translate it into English. I really can't. Um... something like "I ask of God." (Dios meaning God. Pido meaning ask.)I think. Don't quote me or anything. Anyways, I listened to this song about as many times as Last Kiss. I knew every word, but I didn't get what it was about, either. I was five. Give me a break. Anyways, it's (from what I can tell, it is in Spanish and I suck at translations) about a guy who is praying to God. That's about it. It really loses its meaning and beauty in English. "Que si me muero sea de amor / y si me enamoro sea de vos / y que de tu voz sea este corazón / todos los días a Dios le pido / que si me muero sea de amor / y si me enamoro sea de vos / y que de tu voz sea este corazón / todos los días a Dios le pido / a Dios le pido"

You and Me - Lifehouse
It is so nice. I love it. I've know it forever, but I never knew what it was called or who it was by. Now, if you were to ask me what any song is called or who it's by (and I've heard it at least once before) I'll most likely know. Oh and this is within the range of alternative, rock, and pop. Anyways, I really like this song. "'Cause it's you and me / and all of the people / with nothing to do / nothing to lose / and it's you and me / and all of the people / and I don't know why / I can't keep my eyes off of you"

In the End - Linkin Park
Apparently, Linkin Park is hard rock. A genre I otherwise ignore. I don't know. I like Linkin Park. Well, mostly. I remember hearing this song a lot. It always stuck with me. I really like this one. And I really don't know why. Weird. "I tried so hard / And got so far / But in the end / It doesn't even matter / I had to fall / To lose it all / But in the end / It doesn't even matter"
Happy song, isn't it?

I practically grew up on these songs. Also, some Shakira (Wherever, Whenever and Hips Don't Lie) and Aqua (Barbie Girl). If you've noticed, the first three songs on the list are part of THE THREE. In fact, they are THE THREE. They're also part of THE FOREVERS.

I tried to make a playlist and put it on the post, but that didn't work out well. Sorry. Oh well, there's always Youtube. Ahh, good ol' technology.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to go on tomorrow. I really hope so. It would suck if I didn't. I'd probably talk about something. Okay, that was stupid. What I meant was, I'd talk about music. Or something related to it. I don't know. I don't like planning ahead when it involves things I enjoy. I don't plan when I read, or write. I don't plan when I blog. However, I may have a bit of planning to do. Nine more people and I got myself 50 followers. I'm almost there. When I do get there, I want to do some June thing. You'll see. I'll introduce my idea when I get a few more people.
Write to Santa Claus. Listen to the eagles. Pray to the Lord for strength.*
Have a good writing day.

* Nacho Libre reference
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was supposed to post this last night, because I knew I wouldn't have time in the morning. Sorry it's late.

1. Tied Together with a Smile - Taylor Swift
I like Taylor Swift. I don't love her, but I like her. Mostly because of this song. I love the lyrics and its soft tone. Its soothing. Unlike some alternative and rock I listen to. I don't know if it would be country or pop. Probably country. I mostly like it because it kind of reminds me of myself. "You're tied /together with a smile /and you're coming /undone."

2. Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood
Oh, look. More country. Just so you know, I only like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. :) Anyways, I love the lyrics. I love the soft tone. I, personally, think it's sad. But I also think it's hopeful. I especially love the part about the old man. I almost cried at that part when I first heard the song. "This is our temporary home / It's not where I belong / Windows and rooms that we're passing through / This is just a stop / On the way to where I'm going / I'm not afraid because I know / this is my / temporary home."

3. Sierra's Song - The All-American Rejects
I love The All-American Rejects. (They're Alernative.) But, I especially love this song. It's really nice. Apparently, it's on the 90210 soundtrack. I've never seen 90210. I don't even know what it's about. All I know is that I love this song. "Let's leave today / we can go anywhere / Show me what few get to feel / I'm not the same but you steal me away / And it's such a fake world / you're the one soul that's real / Just to be there tonight (I'm alive)"

4. A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
I first heard this song in a movie they showed on Disney Channel. For years, I wanted to find it, but it always seemed to slip my mind. Well, my mom was on the computer one time and they were playing that movie on Disney Channel. The song played and I asked my mom to look it up. I had finally found my song! I love it, partially because of the way they used it in the movie. The boy had wished that his brother wasn't his brother. He realized how much he missed his brother and tried to get him back (He was now some very popular kid actor.) He doesn't succeed the first time. He's walking home and he's thinking about how he would do anything to get his brother back (or something like that). The song plays. "If I could fall / into the sky / Do you think time / would pass me by? / Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles / If I could just see you / Tonight. "

5. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
I LOVE this song. It is so nice and soft, with a little bit of alternative rock. The lyrics? LOVE!!! I don't know. It's just so... I don't know. I can't describe it. I just think it's a really nice song. "If I lay here / If I just lay here / Would you lie with me / and just forget the world?"

6. Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
I first heard this song on Youtube. I had subscribed to this one girl and she used this song in one of her videos. I loved it, so I listened carefully to the lyrics and searched them on Google. Horray! I found it. It's so.... nice. Sweet? Romantic? I don't know. If it was, I wouldn't admit it. I don't like those kind of songs. ;) "Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you / Over again / Don't make me change my mind / Cause I won't live to see another day / I swear it's true / Because a girl like you is impossible to find / You're impossible to find."

7. Beautiful Day - U2
You've heard this song, right? Don't tell me you haven't heard it. Odds are, you've heard it, but you didn't know it was U2. Well, guess what? IT IS! I love how optimistic it is. Of course, I also don't like it for that reason. Optimism? Me? Eww.... I especially love the "See the world in green and blue" part. "See the world in green and blue / See China right in front of you / See the canyons broken by cloud / See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out / See the Bedouin fires at night / See the oil fields at first light / And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth / After the flood all the colors came out ."

8. Collide - Howie Day
I first heard this song on the radio. Probably 98.7. It really touched me. It's a lot like Tied Together With a Smile. In the way it affects me. This song is definitely rock. Not country. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. "Even the best fall down sometimes/ Even the wrong words seem to rhyme / Out of the doubt that fills my mind / I somehow find / You and I collide"

9. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
I heard this song on 98.7. I'm pretty sure of it. I'm not a big fan of Avril, either. I like her songs, but I don't love them. Well, I love this song. It's a bit hopeful with the right amount of insecurity. Or whatever that word is. I'm terrible at describing songs. You may have noticed. And it doest day the word "damn" in the chorus. Oh well. "It's a damn cold night / Trying to figure out this life / Won't you take me by the hand / Take me somewhere new / I don't know who you are but I / I'm with you"

10. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Talk about optimistic. Well, not really. It's just... something about self-esteem. I really like listening to this song when I feel worthless or whatever. It helps me get over whatever petty problems I have. "Hey, don't write yourself off yet / It's only in your head you feel left out / or looked down on / Just try your best / try everything you can / And don't you worry what they tell themselves / when you're away"

11. Kiss From a Rose - Seal
I guess this would be a love song thing. Darn. Oh well. I really like it. I don't get what it's trying to say, though. I know the lyrics. I think it's about this guy and he meets this girl and she makes his life better or something. It's a really nice song. As far as I can tell, anyway. It depends on if it says gray or grave, most likely. "But did you know / That when it snows / My eyes become large and / The light that you shine can be seen / Baby / I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey / The more I get of you / Stranger it feels, yeah / And now that your rose is is in bloom / A light hits the gloom on the grey"

12. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
Thank you, Mr. Legaspi!!!! I really miss him. He was the techonology teacher at my school. He left when he got offered a district job. Occassionally, he comes back to visist. Anyways, before he left he suggested this song to me and my friend. It's really cool. It's optimistic, kinda. It's like an Indie version of Phoenix. Well, not really. a little bit. No. Forget I said that. Sorry Phoenix! "Let's make this happen girl / you gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you / And you know that it will / Let's get this started girl / we're moving up we're moving up it's been alot to change but you / Will always get what you want"

13. You and Me - Lifehouse
I've known this song forever. I didn't know it was Lifehouse until I asked my dad about two years ago, or something. I think this is another song that you probably heard once and forgot about. It's really nice. I used to think the beginning said "Work day is in" But that never made sense to me. I looked it up. "What day is it? / And in what month? / This clock never seemed so alive / I can't keep up / And I can't back down / I've been losing so much time.... Cause it's you and me / And all of the people / With nothing to do / Nothing to lose/ and it's you and me / and all of the people / and I don't know why / I can't keep my eyes off of you"

14. Gotta be Somebody - Nickelback
I have known Nickelback forever. It started with How You Remind. I loved it, and my dad did, too. Eventually, I heard this song. I loved it. I mean, doesn't everybody wonder if there's someone out there for them? "Cause nobody wants to be the last one there / Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares / Someone to love with my life in their hands / There's gotta be somebody for me like that"

15. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Maroon 5!!! I don't know where I first heard this song. I do know that I had been trying to find it. But too much time had passed. I didn't remember the lyrics. I couldn't look it up. Thank you, Dancing With the Stars. It might have been last season, but it could've also been the season before. Anyways, one of the couples danced to this song. Or maybe they were jsut playing the song. I do not know. Either way, it was past 9 o'clock. I was supposed to be in bed. I stayed up a little longer. I asked my who the band was. Maroon 5. He didn't know what it was called. So I stayed up a little longer so that I could at least remember how it went. The nect day, the search began. I had forgotten the lyrics, though. I looked through any Maroon 5 songs I found. I got lucky. I only had to listen to 5, at most. "I don't mind spending everyday / Out on your corner in the pouring rain / Look for the girl with the broken smile / Ask her if she wants to stay awhile / And she will be loved / She will be loved" And my favorite line, "It's not always rainbows and butterflies / It's compromise that moves us along"

Never Say Never - The Fray
Human - The Killers
Tonight - The Afters
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Paper Thin Hymn - Anberlin

It's pretty self-explanatory.

Hero- Enrique Iglesias
Hero- Chad Kroeger
Hero- Sterling Knight
Heroes- David Cook
Heroes and Thieves- Vanessa Carlton

Whenever I think of one of these songs, I think of the other two. :)

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
Somebody Told Me - The Killers

I have heard these songs for as long as I can remember.

Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Gwayav
A Dios Le Pido - Juanes
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
November Rain - Guns N' Roses

I've got tons more songs to talk about, if you care to listen. I've got variety. Maybe I'll explain the extra 18 I mentioned in OTHER SONGS THAT MEAN A LOT BUT WERE NOT IN MY 15.
Have a good music day!
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I am mad.
At myself.
This happens a lot more often than you might think.
But today, I am mad because I didn't post yesterday. And because yesterday was the 15th. I should have posted yesterday. But I didn't.
Just so you know, I have unofficially made every 15th VWRP day.
I should have posted yesterday.

Enough self hatred.
Today is Sunday.
Which means that I have a question.

BACKGROUND: Have you heard of Nine Inch Nails? They're a band, in case you don't know who they are. Anyways, they have a song called The Hand That Feeds.
They lyrics are:

You're keeping in step, in the line
Got your chin held high
And you feel just fine
'Cause you do what you're told
But inside your heart it is black
And it's hollow and it's cold

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you wanna change it?

What if this whole crusade's a charade?
And behind it all there's a price to be paid
For the blood which we dine
Justified in the name of the holy and the divine

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?

So naive
I keep holding on to what I want to believe
I can see
But I keep holding on and on and on and on

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Now, I wanna talk about the verse in red.
What if this whole crusade's a charade?
And behind it all there's a price to be paid
For the blood which we dine
Justified in the name of the holy and the divine

Now, put it back in context.

This song, to me, seems to be talking about rebelling. Against what you're told. Against what you know. Because they could all be lies. You never know.
The hand that feeds. It's asking, "Will you bite the hand that feeds?" What is this hand that they are talking about? It could be anyone. Anything. It's the hand that tells you this and that. The hand the may be feeding you lies. Make sense? So, will you bite this hand? Will you stand up for yourself? "Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you stay down on your knees?"
Does that make sense?

Now, thats the whole song. But what about the part with the crusades?

QUESTION: What do you think that part MEANS?

I get the song. That parts confuses me. What does it have to do with the rest of the song? Out of context, and based on the words, I would say it has something to do with the Crusades being wrong. What if it was a charade? As in, what if it's all fake? Not real. A deception. But what about the rest of the song?

So, there you go. I'm sorry about not posting yesterday.
Happy late VWRP day!
Have a good writing day!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, the joy! It's Friday. Thank you God!
You think I'm kidding? I'm so not.
Thank you God! TGIF!
Go on! Thank Him right now. NOW!

Have you done it yet?


Everything always works itself out. As a professional procrastinator, I know these things. I'm so happy. Only a few more weeks of school. I'm good. I'm gonna make it. This has been one heckuva month. Gosh.
Anyways, it is FRIDAY! For all you geniuses who haven't noticed.
That means:

Yipee! *Squeals with excitement*
What blogs will I find out there? You never know. I did find these though (and thought they were worth noting):

- sharing our spaces: She is much much more than she seems.
- She Who Seeks: This blog was really nice. I liked it a lot.
- BEATNHEART: She just had her first contest. I just missed it. Oh well. She makes jewelry and its beautiful. ;)
- sittingonanoak: And amusing blog. I'm glad I found it. ;)
- Lost In The Pages: She's a big reader. Does that sound familiar?
- Dances With Teddy Bears: She makes teddy bears. They're really cool.
- Tales from the Nightstand: Books. Oh, books. I love blogs that include books. :0

Watcha think? They good? Of course, I found a lot more than just these blogs. But, these are the ones I thought were EXTRAORDINARY. Have you found any REALLY cool blogs lately? I would love to know about them.
Also, I wanted to say something about the Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites. Well, about MY post. Just so y'all know, I don't like whole entire albums. I don't. I really don't.
So, instead, I'm kind of gonna do my own little thing and instead of albums, I'm gonna do artists. Fifteen favorite artists. I'll write about my top fifteen songs (because there are about that many songs in an album, anyway). So, it'll be interesting.
Oh, also I'm thirteen away from 50 followers. When I get there (and I have a feeling its gonna be soon), I wanna do a.... thing. I'm not sure. I do have a few ideas for blogfests. I wanna try this "Guess Who?" thing. You see the "Guess Who?" picture in my sidebar? That's what inspired it. Expect, instead of famous authors and giving away free books and stuff (*sigh* that would be cool, wouldn't it?), I wanna do a Blogger "Guess Who?" thing. Every week I would give you some clues and a hint. There would be a list of bloggers. You would have to guess who the Blogger of the week is. I figure that this would be a good way to spread the word about my blog, along with several other blogs that are floating along out there. Don't you think? Unfortunately, there would be no prizes. I'm broke. But if you wanna donate stuff......
Just kidding.

Wells, Imma do some more blog surfing.

Happy Friday!

Have a good writing day!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

So... tired. I am so close. So..... close. Almost there.
Everything turns out all right. Don't freak out. It's okay....
Everything will

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I wish it was more exciting. I'm very disappointed in myself. I was supposed to spend the last three hours working on my project. Instead, I was reading. Grrr.....
I wish I have something interesting to talk about today. I really don't.
I love Wednesdays. I love Fridays. I love Saturdays. I love Sundays. Sometimes, I don't like Sundays, though. It reminds me that I don't go to church. And that Monday is tomorrow. *Sigh.*
I'm writing this while working on my project. I feel like I wasted my time. I also really feel like reading. Gosh, I wish I was reading.....
I'm boring today. I really am. I usually am. I'm quiet. I'm okay with silence. I don't always feel the need to talk, but in blogs.....

Silence is awkward.
~Words are meaningless and forgettable.~ Enjoy the Silence.
There are a few versions of this song. There's the original by Depeche Mode. There's a cover by Anberlin, a cover by Lacuna Coil and a cover by Breaking Benjamin. There might be more, but I don't know of them. The only one I don't like is the Breaking Benjamin version.
As much as this Social Studies project is annoying me, I kind of enjoy learning about the people. I hate having to write it down and finding pictures. I still need to do the cover, but I'm doing that in first period tomorrow. Today I'm taking notes on the people I still need to do. I have done 27 pages out of 40. 13 more pages to go. I have notes on two people. 11 more people to go. Wow.
I still need to start my English project. Grrr....
Well, good-bye for now.
Listen to Enjoy the Silence. Eat a sweet potato (What is that, anyways?). Brush a cow.
Have a good writing day!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The only day I dislike more than Monday:
Congrats, Tuesday. You are my least favorite day of the week. I'm so glad Wednesday is almost here, but I'm starting to freak out again. I'm almost done with my Social Studies project. I need about an hour and a half to finish it. Two hours at the most. It sounds like a lot, but I'll have time for it tomorrow. I love Wednesdays. I get out of school early that day. I have more time.
I need to start my English project tomorrow. Imma have time for that too. Trust me. I may be a procrastinator, but I'm a planning procrastinator. I know just when to start, how long I need to finish, etc. It'll work out. It always does.
So, after doing work for an hour and a half, I'm taking a fifteen minute break to write this. I hate that I won't be able to check any blogs today. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog surf on Friday. By the way, on days that I have time, I'll chose a blog to start on. Then I'll click on their followers. I'll choose an interesting one and look through the blog(s) he/she follows/writes. I keep going on and on. I have found so many cool blogs like that. I love blog surfing. Unfortunately, I planned to clean out my closet this weekend. Plus, I want to read a book I found for my "Informational" category on my mandatory reading list. In English, it's required to read 40 books this year. Just to let you know, I've read over 80 already. I haven't finished my genres, though. I need five more books: four informational and one historical fiction. Have any suggestions? Please tell me.
Stupid social studies is depriving me of blogging. I'm not mad at English. What did English ever do to me? No, I'm mad at Social Studies. I don't mind learning about the past or whatever. It's the projects that get to me. Oh well. Let's try a positive outlook-
I'm not a positive person. I'm pretty pessimistic. I find it to be strangely rewarding. You expect the worst, so that you're not disappointed. When it decides to be okay, you're grateful for it. You never lose. Of course, just because I'm pessimistic doesn't mean I don't hope. If anything, I get my hopes too high. *Sigh.* I tried being optimistic once. It didn't go well. I just couldn't. I can't expect the absolute best. If it turns for the worst, it would crush me. See, if you're optimistic, you kind of already expect the best. You don't feel that grateful that it turned out okay. It doesn't make you as happy.
There is my talk on pessimism and optimism.

Pet a rhino. Shampoo a turtle. Call a reptile.
Have a good writing day!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm annoyed. Today wasn't necessarily a bad day, but I've definitely had better.

I finished testing today.
I got tons of notes for a project I have due on Friday.
I finished my intro.

I have a Social Studies project due Friday. I should be working on it right now, but I decided to get this post outta the way first.
I have an English project due Friday.
I have a name tag for Social Studies due tomorrow.

Don't Mondays just seem to make everything seem worse? That and my friend.... GRRRR. I choose to wrong person to talk back to. I swear, today she just really got me thinking... And then I know everything will be "o.k." tomorrow. I'll forget what happened and we'll be BFFs. It's not like she knows why she gets me mad. It's not like she would care. *Sigh.*
How would you define a true friend? Would it be someone you can have fun with, even if she hurts you occasionally? Would it be someone you can talk to, not matter what? I don't know. It's amazing to see how similar and different we are. Surely I'm not the only one who notices. I hate thinking bad things about her, but I also hate ignoring what's in front of me. I've said before that I'm the quiet type. If you're like that, then you know that you hear a lot more than other people do. You seem to notice a lot more. And you don't say too much about it. I'm like that. I hate it, but that's how I am. I don't know how she affects (effects?) other people. I just know that she particular affects (effects?) me.
Imma stop now. I seem to forget about it over the weekend. I'm back in reality on Mondays. I was like this last week. I'm sorry. I'm probably boring you with my problems. It helps me think, though, when I write about it. It helps.
So if you've read this, thank you.
Have a good writing day!
(I'm trying to upload the intro to Youtube. I'll tell you when I do.)
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

As y'all may know, I finished reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. I also mentioned that it would be the basis of my next few Sunday Questions. After some thought, I want to talk about something that bothered me about the book.
Keeping Faith is about a woman named Mariah White. She catches her husband with another woman. Her daughter (Faith White) witnesses this as well, though because of her young age, she has no idea what it means. Colin (the husband) leaves. This is the second time he was caught with another woman. Well, soon after this incident Faith starts talking to an imaginary friend whom she calls her "Guard". This worries Mariah, so she takes Faith to see her therapist. They test her, finding that she is perfectly normal. The therapist considers the fact that Faith might by seeing God. Mariah talks to a rabbi, considering she and Faith are both (non-practicing) Jews. Many priests follow along with representatives from Vatican City and such. People hear about this and over the course of a few weeks, hundreds of people are lined up in front of their house, believing that Faith is talking to God and/or Jesus. A "teleathiest" named Ian Fletcher hears about this and decides to pay the Whites a visit. When he gets there, he confronts Millie Epstein, Mariah's mother and Faith's grandmother. This ends in Millie suffering a heart attack. She is declared DOA around three o'clock, only to come back to life over an hour later. The Whites are bombarded with even more media attention and people in front of their house. After Faith heals an AIDS child and is discovered to have stigmata, her father hears about this on the news. He sues Mariah for custody of Faith. (Meanwhile, he has married Jessica, the woman Mariah caught him with. Jessica is pregnant.) Mariah flees with Faith to Kansas City, Missouri. It turns out that Ian Fletcher is on that same plane because he visits his autistic brother Michael every Tuesday. Ian convinces Mariah to stay with him, originally to try and get her to admit that Faith is a fake and to disprove her "miracles". He gets Faith to try and heal Michael. It doesn't turn out well and Ian discovers that though he had expected Faith to fail, he had hoped she wouldn't. Mariah and Ian fall in love around this time. They fly back home when Millie tells Mariah that Colin is suing her. Faith is admitted into the hospital again after she starts bleeding for no apparent reason. The court prevents Mariah from seeing her, believing that Mariah might have been the one to cause the bleeding in the first place. When it seems as if Faith might die, Mariah breaks the court's orders and goes to the hospital. Faith begins to heal after she was reunited with her mother. Mariah is awarded custody. Faith's stigmata disappears and her "Guard/God" goes away. At the end of the story, it's kind of confusing. You don't know if she is really gone, or if she's still with Faith.
(If you have read Change of Heart, Ian Fletcher makes a brief appearance. Apparently, he marries Mariah and they have twin boys. I wouldn't really know, because I haven't read it. But I definitely will.)

I forgot to mention that Faith claims her guard/God is female. That was what I wanted to talk about today. Personally, when I read that, it kind of... upset me, in a way. I was used to thinking of God as a Father. Millie once made a comment. Something along the lines of: "I always wondered why God was a Father. Mothers are the ones that love you unconditionally."
That wasn't exactly what she said, but it was something like that. I agree that mothers love you no matter what. That's just how they are. But what about fathers? They're the ones that would do anything to protect you. Of course, a mother would also do anything to protect her children. Mothers are the ones who makes you feel better by offering a shoulder to cry on. Fathers protect you. I guess this isn't the case for some parents, but when you imagine the "prefect" parents, wouldn't you say that they follow these patterns? The mother who loves you. The father that protects you.
So, my Sunday Question:
Is God a Mother or Father? Both and/or neither?
Of course, there are people who say that God is neither male nor female.
"My Father who art in Heaven..." specifically says Father. In fact, the Catholic Church gets involved because Faith had said that God was female, which went against the whole idea that God was a "Father". I'll admit it, I think that God is a Father. That's something I've always thought. Believed. This question could be a matter of opinion, or religion. It got me thinking. Mother? Father? Both? Neither? What did I believe? What do you believe?
"Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again." (House of Night, PC and Kristin Cast)
Have a good writing day!
And Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love Saturdays, but it just so happens that I feel really bad about not blogging yesterday. I went to a Dodger's game yesterday. Last I knew, they were winning. On the ride back, I was listening to my iPod and not the radio, so I don't know what the final score was. Oh, well. It was worth it just for a Dodger dog. That was all I really wanted. ;)

Since it's Saturday, I'm going to start my Saturday versus. I am completely obsessed with Burned by PC and Kristin Cast. To be more specific, I'm in love with this particular character. His name is Stark. So, let's do a people versus today. Stark versus Edward Cullen. I'm sure you all know who he is.

So here's the facts:

Edward Cullen: He is a sparkly vampire. He drinks animal blood. He hates werewolves, until he starts to think they're okay. He's saved Bella from vampires multiple times. He claims to love Bella. He becomes friends with Seth and Jacob, way near the end. He can reads everybody's mind, except Bella's. This should be considered a SPOILER!, but it's way too predictable: He turns Bella into a vampire.

BACKGROUND INFO: In the House of Night (HoN) series, the goddess Nyx marks you. This makes you a vampyre fledgling. When you're marked, you have the outline of a sapphire crescent moon. When you become a true vampyre, the crescent moon fills in and you get tattooes and stuff. Well, you can die if your body rejects the Change. It turns out the you can undie after that. Instead of sapphire, your crescent moon becomes red. This makes you a red fledgling. Odds are, you will lose some of your humnaity. Later on, you can become a red vampyre. 

Stark: He is a red vampyre. He is Zoey's Warrior (Zoey is a High Priestess for Nyx. She is also the main character.) He would do anything for her. (FACT! Not opinion.) He has a gift/curse: he can hit anything he aims at with a bow and arrow. As it turns out, he doesn't even need to know what it is that he wants to hit. It's complicated, and has caused a bit of trouble. He lost his humanity when he became a red fledgling. When Zoey comes back to try and save him, he makes and Oath to be her Warrior. He gets his humanity back and becomes a red fledgling.

The opinions:

Edward Cullen: He is stupid. I really think he is. Through the first three books, he doesn't want to change Bella. In the last one, he's afraid to lose her, so he turns her into a vampire. SELFISH! He also hates werewolves. You can't hate werewolves and expect me to like you. Unless you're a real person. Or course, he starts to tolerate them, but it was too late. Also, he is overprotective. Who likes that? It's really annoying. Seriously, give her some SPACE! Have you ever heard this quote:
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
It's from the Bible, as far as I know. I do not find this to describe Edward and Bella. Their relationship is too... physical. That's why I say "He claims to love Bella."

Stark: I will admit that I'm in love with him. That really affects (effects?) how I think of him. Not really, though. After he lost his humanity, he was a jerk. He really was. I didn't lose faith in him, though. I'm really glad Zoey didn't either. He's cocky, funny, sarcastic. And he has depth. I really love that. He's not just surface. He's not completely open. You really have to get to know him. He does love Zoey. I don't know why. What's so great about her? Guys are always falling for her. Weird. Anyways, he really does love her. He would do anything for her. God, I love him. It hurts to see him so heartbroken... But I won't ruin it for you, especially if you actually plan on reading it or something. It's a really great YA series.

I know I didn't mention everything. I'm mostly putting my own opinion into everything. I'm sorry about that. Hopefully, you at least know a bit about Edward. My Stark info is more accurate. I <3 p="" stark="">

Which side are you on?
Have a good writing day!
(Hug a duck. Feed a fish. Play with a gorilla. Watch Tarzan!)
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've never really understood how to use Old English words. Yet, I use 'tis every now and then. What does that mean? I don't know what it means or how to use it. Not officially, anyway.
ANYWAYS, today is Thursday. Hurray! I love Thursdays. That's when they show FlashForward. I also love watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Sundays) and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Fridays).
It just so happens that they're all on ABC. I think that's funny. I don't like Disney, but I love ABC and ABC Family.
I just finished reading such an amazing book. About fifteen minutes ago, I finished Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. I had loved My Sister's Keeper, so when I saw this in the library, I took the chance and grabbed it off the shelf. I am so glad I did. WOW was it good. I have the next few Sunday Questions planned.
I'm going to have to wait till then to write about it, because I am running out of time. Hurray for FlashForward! I will say, though:
I am not between the ages of 19 and 21 either. Actually, it makes me wonder. No, I've ran out time. I will come back to this topic later.
Have a good writing day!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That's not a word. But it really should be. Did I ever mention that I love Wednesdays? Because I do. I really really do. First of all, I want to say this:

No I am not 26 or 29. Or 16. In fact, I showed my friend the comments I got and she laughed. Isn't she a great friend? Anyways, should I be complimented that you think I'm so mature or somewhat insulted that you think I'm so old. Not that I think 26 or 29 are particularly old. Most of my cousins are around that age and I've always thought them to be young. Maybe it's just because they're my cousins. I don't know.

I will say that I do read adult books. Keeping Faith is an adult book. The Lovely Bones is an adult book. Speaking of The Lovely Bones, I just finished watching it about, um, maybe half an hour ago? I don't know. But, WOW! I loved it. I could NOT believe it was that good. It is totally different from the book, but it was still incredibly good. WOW! So, now my favorite movies go something like:

1. Avatar
2. The Lovely Bones
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Knowing
5. I am Legend

Yes, Beauty and the Beast is number 3. I absolutely love that movie. I really don't know why. I also love Beastly by Alex Flinn. It's like a modern version of Beauty and the Beast.
I had this whole thing to talk about today. Of course, I forgot it. I should stop doing that. I'm more likely to forget things I want to remember. If I need to remember it, I have less of a problem. But if it's something I want to remember, I always remember it a bit too late.
I have a project due next week. I should probably work on it. Yeah, what the heck.
Have a good writing day!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

*Really-super-big SIGH*
I have nothing to write about! *Screams!* I had this whole thing I wanted to write about. It slipped my mind the moment I started typing the title.

Sorry for the breakdown. But it gets me thinking. How old do you think I am? If I told you my age, would you be surprised? I'm just curious is all. That's my Tuesday Thoughts.
What else have I been thinking this fine day?
I've been thinking about how bipolar California is. It's been cold (according to my parents) in the mornings. Then the afternoons are hot. I don't like hot weather. It makes me feel claustrophobic. I love the cold. That way, I can get under a blanket or two and be happy. When it's hot, I can't exactly take all my clothes off. I guess I could, but that would be really weird. Nope, I won't be doing that any time soon.
Speaking of hot and no clothes. Whenever I say I'm thirsty, or dehydrating or something, my friend will say, "People in Hell are thirsty. So don't complain." I really hate it when she says that. (Is Hell considered a cuss word?) Last time I checked, I wasn't in Hell. I have the right to drink water. It just so happens that at that moment, I don't have a water bottle. I would go to the water fountain, but it scares me. You can never know what people do to those. And when I explain to her that I am not in Hell (Seriously, is it a cuss word?), she just says "Yeah. So?" I don't know. We are so similar and so different. Sometimes, when things are really bad, I wonder why we're friends at all. I don't know. Sometimes I love her. Sometimes she's my best friend. We'll laugh together like nothing. Other times, she gets on my nerves. That's when I'm afraid I'll break and yell at her. If I did, she would have no idea why. She'd have no idea.
So, yeah. That was a bit personal, I guess. Oh well. I kind of needed to get that out there. I hate having to pretend. Do you realize that you're always pretending? No matter what. You're pretending to like your dinner. You're pretending to like the person you're talking to. You're pretending to care about what people are telling you. Sometimes you don't realize you're pretending. That's how good you are.
I'm getting deep. It's only Tuesday. Oh my, my, my. Well, I can certainly tell you that I have a variety of topics to choose from for my Sunday post. I'm reading a really good book. It's Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. She's also the author of My Sister's Keeper, another really good book. It's a movie an dI haven't seen it yet, so I have to. Another movie I haven't seen is The Lovely Bones. I loved the book. It was so good! So, there's Tuesday.
Have a good writing day! (Try to guess my age!)
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wow. I cannot believe that April has come and gone. The A to Z Challenge along with it. Wow.

I will say that the A to Z Challenge definitely opened up my eyes to the world of blogging. Convenient enough for it to be the month I started blogging. I laughed at that. I had started blogging in the beginning of April. It is now May. I have 28 followers. I will say that it makes me smile.
I love blogging. I never would have thought myself to be a blogger. Maybe it's because I always assumed blogging was all about yourself. You know, conceited stuff like that. I guess I thought I wasn't cut out for it. Look at me now (figuratively speaking).
It's been kind of hard, what with school and everything. Especially considering that I loved blogging. It was hard to stay away and do my homework instead. As it is, I'm taking a little bit of a break from my homework to write this. Hey, at least I'm honest.
I didn't actually plan on using my Blogger account to blog. I had made the account so that I could enter this contest. The person holding the contest was giving away like 30 or 45 books or something for first place. Me being the reader I am, made the account so that I could enter. Now, I personally know Lee over at Tossing it Out. I had known he was a blogger, but for some reason it never really crossed my mind until my cousin's birthday party about two weeks after I made my Blogger account. At that point I was curious about the world of blogging. Not that I knew much about it at the time. So, I decided to check out his blog. Turned out he had this big A-Z Challenge going on. I started a bit late, but I was able to catch up. And I'm glad I entered. It was a great way to "meet" new people. I also got some Followers along the way. Thank you guys for following. RAWR!
Anyways, this blog really changed my life. I never thought I would ever say that. I'm a writer, but I guess blogging wasn't included in that until now. And I love it. I really really do. It's strangely comforting to know that people actually care enough to read what I'm writing.
Why do I blog? It took me a while to figure this out. One, I like it. I like being able to say pretty much whatever I want. The freedom is... nice. It lets me be myself in a way I never have been able to before. I love that.
I like knowing that I gave my opinion. I like getting my writing out there. (I know I haven't been doing a lot of that lately, but I do have VWRP.) Why else? In a world where people like me are overlooked and easily forgotten, here I feel as if I have the opportunity to be noticed.
I really can't think of any other reasons. I love blogging (and writing and reading). I love being able the express myself. It's liberating.
This A-Z Challenge has changed so many people. I want to do that. I want to be a part of some sort of change. It would make it feel as if my life had some worth. If I made at least one person happy in this world. Then I could make more people happy. That way, whenever I doubt myself, or feel as if I am worthless.
I can remember
all those lives I
changed. All those
people whose days I made
brighter, just by
Just by
being there.

You gotta admit, wouldn't that feel nice? I want to change lives for the better. That all I really want.
So thank you, Lee! For this A-Z Challenge. I hope you know what a wonderful person you are! I hope you know how many lives you have changed! RAWR!
Have a good day. In general. ;)
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I didn't realize what some of my comments said until I actually checked my post and carefully read them. Then I realized: HEY!

I've been tagged.
Isn't it cool? It came from DuDo. Yay! Thank you so much!
And now, apparently I have to write three good things about myself.

Let's see how that goes:
1.) I don't get mad. I can get really annoyed, but I don't necessarily get mad. (Meaning that I also don't hold grudges. That's an impossibility for me.)
2.) I love writing. How is this a good thing? Maybe one day my writing will change the world. You never know.
3.) Oh, wow. I can't think of a third one. Umm.... how about.... I will always be there if you need me. I may not know how to help, or if I can, but I'll be there for you.

And I'm really excited about this part! Now, I get to give it to other people!
But who do I give it to?

How about:
Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out (Thanks for the secrets to blogging! I couldn't have done it without you!)
Raquel Byrnes at Raquel Byrnes (You have an awesome blog and I hope you know it!)
AchingHope at Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing (Thanks for the contest! Your blog's awesome. Don't you forget it!)
Tori Cooper at This Journey Called Life (I love your blog! Keep it up!)
Glen at Glen's Blog Spot (You deserve more attention than you get.)
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Also, I wanted to mention a contest for a really cool book.

Summary: A loner in his all-white high school, Chinese-born Xing (pronounced “Shing”) is a wallflower longing for acceptance. His isolation is intensified by his increasingly awkward and undeniable crush on his only friend, the beautiful and brilliant Naomi Lee. Xing’s quiet adolescent existence is rattled when a series of disappearances rock his high school and fear ripples through the blue collar community in which he lives. Amidst the chaos surrounding him, only Xing, alone on the sidelines of life, takes notice of some peculiar sightings around town. He begins to investigate with the hope that if he can help put an end to the disappearances, he will finally win the acceptance for which he has longed. However, as Xing draws closer to unveiling the identity of the abductor, he senses a noose of suspicion tightening around his own neck. While Xing races to solve the mystery and clear his name, Crossing hurtles readers towards a chilling climax.

Good luck! Have a good writing day!
(Win a contest! Hug a bear! Eat a pineapple!)
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Okay, so sorry about not posting yesterday. My cousin came over and I thought it would be rude to go on the computer with company over. Also, she's my best friend, and I haven't seen her in a while (since Wednesday! ), so we talked and stuff. But, since my sister was here, we didn't get to much of that. Oh well, maybe next time.
Anyways, I've decided to do a Versus thing on Saturdays.
Like- Saturday Versus: Apples vs. Bananas.
But, today isn't Saturday, it's Sunday. And that means I have some questions regarding religion and such. I read this book called Burned by Ellen Hopkins. If you've visited my Reader Person blog, then you might have seen my review. Unless I didn't post it yet. I'm going to need to check on that later.
Back to Sunday Questions. First, I'm going to give you some background on the book.
The main character is Pattyn. She lives with her mother, her father, and (I believe) five younger sisters. They're Mormons. It all pretty much starts with a dream Pattyn had. I'm still not sure exactly what it was. Well, Pattyn gets a boyfriend a little bit after the dream. He isn't a Mormon, so they have to sneak about and whatever. Well, eventually her father finds out and threatens to kill the guy. This part didn't bother me ad much as it normally would because I personally thought the guy was a jerk and only using Pattyn for.... reasons. Now would be the time to mention that the father drinks and swears and abuses his wife (Pattyn's mother). Well, after this incident, he sends Pattyn off to her Aunt J, his sister. Pattyn spends the summer with Aunt J. She meets a guy named Ethan, who is Aunt J's neighbor's son. He has agreed to work with Aunt J for the summer before Pattyn showed up. Well, Pattyn and Ethan fall in love. This is a problem because 1.) Ethan isn't a Mormon and 2.) he's going off to college. Pattyn can either live with her Aunt and be farther away from Ethan, or move back with her "family" and be closer to him. Well, she doesn't really have a choice because her father comes to get her at the end of summer. When she gets back home, her mother is pregnant with the son her father always wanted. So as not to hurt the baby, her father, being the considerate man he is, moves on to abuse Jackie, the oldest sister after Pattyn. Now that Pattyn is home, though, he starts to abuse her. After a very brutal incident ending with Pattyn being beaten, she realizes she's pregnant. She tells Ethan this, and he asks her to marry him. Just to get something straight, he really loved her. I mean really really really loved her. So, she agrees and a few days later, Ethan comes to pick her up at school and they start their drive (I believe) to California. It turns out that they were being watched by a Mormon guy who used to like Pattyn. He writes down Ethan's license plate number and calls Pattyn's father to tell him what happened. Her father calls the police and they go after Ethan. When Pattyn and Ethan notice the police, Ethan speeds up to try and avoid them. Now would be the perfect time to mention that it had snowed the night before and the roads were icy. The car crashed. Pattyn wakes up in a hospital to find out three things:
1.) Ethan died
2.) her baby died
3.) her father disowned her

It was so heartbreaking and unbelievable. But that's just how Ellen Hopkins is. So now, for my questions. Do Mormons really think men are so superior to women? I forgot to mention that part. Over and over again things like "if your husband wants you to drive, he'll teach you" or "if your husband wants you to go to college, he'll send you" or "if your father want this, blah blah blah" "if your husband" "if your brother". Let's review on what Pattyn's father did, he abused his wife, Pattyn, his daughters; he threatened Pattyn's first boyfriend; he had threatened to kill Aunt J's true love, who turns out to be Ethan's father, way back when; he killed Ethan. Maybe not directly, but I certainly believe that he killed Ethan. Also, I forgot who he was exactly, but he was some man from the church. There's this once part, where he is talking to Pattyn. She asks him something about a man abusing his wife. He accuses her of lying because he believes that she's trying to get her father in trouble for something he never did (though I believe that he knew all along about the abuse). He ends off saying something that both me and Pattyn translated to: it's okay to abuse your wide and children as long as there is no evidence and it's for a good reason.
So my Sunday Question: are men so superior to women? Why? Aren't we all equal in God's eyes? And is it right to abuse you family? To disown your daughter for falling in love?
So, she got pregnant. So do a lot of teenagers in America. It's not really her fault. Anyways, I'll address that certain topic on another Sunday Questions.
And now I'm curious about other religions and what other people think. I talked breifly to my cousin on this yesterday. It was a short but interesting conversation. If you have something to say, please comment. This book made me so curious about that.
That's all for today. Sorry if the post was too long or something.
Have a good writing day! (And don't abuse your family!)
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