Friday, April 30, 2010

Z is for Zoos and Zebras

Okay here's something funny/not-funny.
Zebras live in zoos.
See, it's funny/not-funny.

That's pretty much all I planned to say about zebras and zoos. I will say that I have updated VWRP. So, go ahead and check it out. Also, um, I don't know. I don't have much to say for today. Oh!
Today I dissected a frog in Science. Actually, dissecting it would have been nice. No, I mutilated it. I was in a group with four other friends. We did what we were supposed to. Then, we were all excited and wanted to see the frog's brain. Well, we couldn't get through its skull. So, we ended up breaking the spine. We twisted off the head. Then, we cut, probed and found something we think is the brain. Well, we ended up with a mutilated frog. Fingers and a leg were broken off. As well as the head. *Sigh.* Poor little frog. :(
So, it was fun while it lasted. But then we realized what we did. We all feel bad now. All we wanted was to see its brain. :(
So, there's a sad tale of woe for the little froggie.

What else? I don't have much else to say. I will say that unless I change my plans, Sundays post will be very awkward. For me. And probably everybody. I might end up changing it. I'm better off just wondering. Or I might just continue. Get it over with. I'm really curious. I guess it's not that bad. But, still.
Okay, I don't know what else to write.
(Really really fast, commercial voice.) I should probably go now. Before I start babbling on and on and on about absolutely nothing. And then I'll bore you. You'll wonder why you're even following me. And I'll be all like, I totally understand. And I won't have a blog. I won't be on the computer so much, except to play Farmville or something. And I'll be back to no life.
Have a good writing day!
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  1. You did a great job of blogging through the alphabet. I'm so glad you did this. Now continue to post blog topics and comment on other blogs and you should really grow a following and sharpen your writing. Blogging is great writing practice. Good luck!

    Tio Lee

  2. Hello Wolfie!
    I just went to your "reader person" blog and read the reviews you have written. Intriguing! I wanted to leave a comment but couldn't so I came over here and saw that you have been blogging each day in the challenge. Sorry I didn't see you before now. Thanks for visiting my blog and signing up as a follower. I hope you will be back. One thing I wanted to tell you - you mentioned on the posting about Animal Farm that you didn't know what else George Orwell had written, so I looked it up (curiosity eats me up some times). If you are interested you can go to and be able to see all about him. It is a site dedicated to his life and works. Anyway, I will be back to visit you.

  3. Hi thx for dropping by my blog!! i was reading through your posts.... they are wonderful!!! I noticed that the titles starts from alphabet sequence, u reached Z now what??? i'm eager to see i will surly get back to have a look at it..




  4. I've been away from the computer for a bit so enjoyed relaxing with your A-Z posts/challenge. You've done a really nice job! Thanks for some lovely reads!!

  5. Hi you have been tagged here

    You can post it up to your other blog too :)
    Happy posting!!

  6. I'm here for ya Wolfie...I feel the same way sometimes...

    May the blog be with you. All hail the blog.
    I do loves me some Pink Floyd.
    DJ GlenMC


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