Wednesday, April 28, 2010

X is for X-----?

What can I possible talk about that starts with X? Xylophones?

I don't know many words, much less blogable ones, that start with X. So, let me make up a word, considering blogable isn't a word. (By the way, blogable: able to blog about. I just made a new word! Spread it around, please!)
Anyways, OH!!! Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot! HA!

Okay, sorry about that. I just remembered an X word. It's still made up, but still. I don't know if you've read my World Killers bit. If you haven't please check it out before continuing:

Okay, so have you read it yet? Good! Let me continue.
I mention the Xcyclone Warship. You wanna know what it is? Well, guess what, so do I!
For the most part, I was kidding, but there are some things that need to be worked out. The Warship isn't exactly "finished". More like a work in progress. So, I'm going to discuss a few ideas. If you've got any, I would appreciate them!
So, first things first, it is a warship. I flies around the universe destroying planets and its inhabitants. Cruel? Evil? Wrong?
That's the point.
Anyways, that being said, I would assume they would have a large supply of weapons and things. Probably high tech ray guns or something. But what about traditional weapons? Bows and arrows? Knives? Swords? What about that? I think it makes it much more personal, you know?It makes it more dangerous, too. More suspenseful. There's more feeling. Because, anybody can shoot anybody else from a distance. The victim would never see it coming. It would be funny, in a very morbid sort of way, but very.... bland? Is that the word? Anyways, I hope that made sense. Sorry if it didn't. I'm just like that.
So, besides weapons, they're going to need some sort of food substance. What could they eat? Maybe something that could never run out? Or maybe that is completely out of existence? They could be searching for a search of food. They happen to find it on Earth, which is why they stay when they get here? Yeah, that's good. But, what's the food source, the substance? Plants? Animals? Blood? Pencils? I have no idea with that one.
They would need some sort of organization system. That would be why they are always successful with their "missions". They could completely research the planet, find out everything possible about it, so that they wouldn't be unprepared.
Majesty is the head of everything. She's like the queen. Or even a tyrant. It's all in the perspective. Grace was the one put in charge of the research. Resia is the messenger. Honor is head of the preparation crew. She's kind of like a wedding planner, except it's not a wedding. So, a war planner or something. Hey, why not? She's a war planner. Leacia is the head of the tech crew. They're in charge of the weapons and technology and stuff. Oh, and one question about Leacia, how should her name be pronounced. I figured Lee-ay-shuh or Lee-cee-uh. Which one is the first one that popped into your head when you saw Leacia?
Some other people in the Xcyclone Warship are: Pride, Faith, Hope, Destiny, Royal. If you have suggestions go on and tell me. Also, if you want to be a character, let me know. As long as you don't mind dying. ;)
That's all for now. I should be able to post tomorrow. And Friday. They're the last two days. I would love to be able to post on time for those.
Have a good writing day!
(Don't be abducted by aliens!)
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  1. Interesting post; I think they need to feed on
    recycled items. I will have to go back and read your link! I would like to see a Mad Max type
    thriller in space, that would be interesting, doncha think?!

  2. I want to be "crew member #9" aka disposable extra. How does that work for you? Can I die a horrible death after being captured by the stone face people on the planet Rocktopia? Maybe have my head caved in after being slam danced to death by the stone faced Rocktopians while they listened to their techno metal Nine Quadrate (their version of inch) Nails Muzdisk (their version of CDs)

    May the schwartz be with you...

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    DJ GlenMC

  3. Those aren't bad ideas.
    DJ GlenMC: Maybe they should come from a parallel universe. They destroyed their home planet. Earth was like the parallel to their own planet. That would explain a lot. And Nine Inch Nails is cool. ;)
    Ellie: The recycled items idea is cool. And yeah that would be interesting. ;)


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