Wednesday, April 28, 2010

V is for Visitors and Views and Vampires

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I vant to suck your blood!

You got to admit, even though you didn't hear that, it was pretty bad.

But that's okay. I didn't want to be Dracula anyway.
Anyways, on to some more - other topics.
I was about to writer interesting, by the way. I had no idea if it would be interesting or not, so I just cut myself off. I'm going to stop blabbering now. I really hope I can.

Okay, good. So, first off:
Because of that very amazing person over at Tossing It Out, I now have 22 followers!!!!
*happy, happy, happy!*
Anyways, you should be really glad you didn't see that. I acted like a seven-year-old or something. And I would know what that looks like, I have a seven-year-old sister. Well, no. I have a sister. Yes, she's seven. But she doesn't exactly jump up and down and squeal. That's something I do.
Anyways, yeah, that was pretty cool. The followers, not the jumping. ;)

Mmmm, what else do I got? Oh yeah, I have some new plans for my weekends. If you don't know, I love werewolves. I also love vampires, but werewolves are better, at least in my opinion. So, Saturdays will be devoted to Vampires and Werewolves. Which will be perfect because of my Vamp and Werewolf Role Play. Two birds with one stone.
And on Sundays, I have something I thought was really cool. I am a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus and all that. I still haven't read through the whole Bible (working on that). Well, you should also know I don't go to church. I want to. I really do, but I can't drive myself there or anything, so I'm stuck at home on Sundays. You're probably wondering, what about my parents? Can't they take me? Why don't they? Long story that I don't even fully understand. I have to live with it. I was able to not feel guilty about it for a year or two because when my aunt used to take care of me, should would always tell me Bible stories, and stories about Jesus and Heaven and everything. Well, she stopped taking care of me. So, the guilt is back.
Anyways, I'm devoting Sunday posts to religious talk. Not necessarily Bible stories and quotes, or thing like that. More like questions and things I wonder about. I have read a lot of things. Some with some sort of religious background, some with absolutely none in sight. It makes me wonder what people who go to church and read the Bible and everything would think. Even people who don't. I just want opinions, thoughts, ideas. So, that's Sunday.
Also, my dream of one hundred followers may be coming a bit sooner than I thought. At this time, I only have 22, like I just said. I've decided maybe to have a contest at 50. Another one at 100. Why not, you know? I love contests.
So, I'm looking forward to the weekend. And May 3rd. ;)
Have a good writing day!
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