Sunday, April 25, 2010

S is for Ssss....

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Sss... Now I'm a snake. Earlier, I was a dinosaur. RAWR!
Okay, I gotta admit that was weird. What's up with me and animals? Oh well, I'm weird like that. ;)
Ssssooo, I don't know what to write today. I just right now, about ten seconds ago, realized something. (It took me about ten seconds to type to that point.) I haven't posted anything new for VWRP!!! So, please check out the page. It should be posted. Right before it, I'll put


If it doesn't have five !, then I messed up. It should have five !. I don't know why five. I just like that number. By the way, my favorite number is 15. Random, I know. Oh, speaking of Random. I'm thinking of adding a Random page. It will be random, obviously. Some will be about me, about people I know. Or about purple bananas eating rectangular monkeys......

So, anyways, sssss, since I'm a snake right now. Just a note, I don't know why I choose a snake, of all animals. Ssss was all I could think of. Snakes were the only animals I know who make that noise. Maybe that's why. What else can I say?
If you have book suggestions, please tell me!
If you have movie suggestions (PG-13 and under), tell me!
If you have song suggestions (especially Alternative, Rock, and Pop), tell me!
If you have blog suggestions, tell me!
If you have anything to say, TELL ME!!!

I just now realized that suggestions starts with and S. *smacking forehead*
There's my forgetfulness for you! Also, if you have a Farmville... please tell me. I'm that desperate. I'm not obsessed or anything. Just desperate. Okay, so maybe I am obsessed. A little.....

Anyways, have a good suggestion day!

(Sss... I just remembered, there's a book called Suggestion by Illegal Art.
Also, I have exactly 1026 books on my to-read list.
And, please follow. I'm two away from my favorite number!)
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