Friday, April 16, 2010

O is for Opinions

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Okay, so today I want opinions. Look through my posts, read my work. I would like opinions. What you liked, didn't like. Things like that. Also, here's a few blogs that would like opinions:

What's So Random: She has a few posts now. I found them entertaining. But then again, I know her personally. Oh well. Swing, hop, or fly on by!

Katie's Book Blog: She's a big reader. Not as big as me, though. Not as far as I can tell. Anyways, she has a few contests. Check her out, especially if you're a reader.

A Dreamygal's World: I can't find a way to desribe this blog. You should just see for yourself.

A Rose Colored Glass: Wow. I really liked this blog. Wow. Also, besides just posts, she has tons of pictures and music. Wow.

The Writer's Lounge: This is a unique blog. She has over 300 followers. (I'll admit I wouldn't mind having that many followers.) It's really good. Check it out.

It's really fun writing about other blogs. I'll try not to get obsessed with it. Anyways, I have a VWRP page. I'll tell you whenever I update it. Have a good writing day!
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