Friday, April 16, 2010

M is for Maybe

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I have not been on since Wednesday. I feel really bad about that. So I'm going to have three posts today. Wow. I'm so glad it's Saturday. This week was... crazy. Well, I really like exploring the world of bloggers. There are so many interesting things out there. For right now, I want to introduce a blogger who is so new that she doesn't even have posts yet. I figure that a few followers will inspire her. Please check her out at

Also, some more for Vamp/Werewolf Role Play:

I stopped. Oh my God. It was Jared. I pulled Steph back. He almost stumbled. I removed my hand from his arm as soon as I could. I was afraid that if I didn't, I would never let go.
Jared heard us. Crap, no.
"Run!" I mouthed to Steph. He shook his head, softly at first, then again, more determined.
"Go!" I mouthed again. Jared was slowly walking towards us. I grabbed Steph, and we ran the hell out of there.
I hoped and prayed that Jared thought we were only a few deer.

Crap! It's Jared. Kat pulled me back. I almost stumbled, but I righted myself. Sadly, she removed her hand from my arm. He heard us and turned around. Oh crap.
"Run!" Kat mouthed to me. I shook my head. I would not leave her here with that horrible man. He only wanted Kat for her looks, but the looks were a mere coincidence compared to what I actually liked about her.
"Go!" She mouthed. Jared slowly walked toward us. Kat grabbed me and we ran like hell. If only Jared thought we were deer.

We ran all the way back to my house. Ray was running towards us.
"Wolfie!" I couldn't help but smile. I felt Steph looking at me. I stopped immediately. We all stopped running in the middle of the street.
"Father is looking for you."
"What? He's back?"
"Yes. We need to go. NOW!"
"But-" I looked to Steph, helpless.
"You need to go. God, why does this keep happening...?” I muttered the last part.
"We'll meet some other time?"
"Yes. Of course."
"See ya later then." He ran away. I couldn't worry about him right now. I walked to my house. I didn't smell like vampire. Oh, thank God.
My father was sitting on the porch. He looked up when I got to the driveway.
"Good you're here. Let's go."

She left me again! Why does that always happen! I went back to the Lair and walked towards my room. Rebecca popped out of nowhere, all auburn hair and fluttery eyelids. She gets on my nerves.
"Let's go somewhere, Stephus." I shuddered. Oh God no! The thought was repulsive.
"Hell no!" She looked like she had been deprived of blood.
"You're making a BIG mistake, hanging out with that Werewolf girl." Oh my God! How did she know about that? I didn't care. I pushed her away from me and slammed my door in her face.

That was to make up for lack of stuff. Have a good writing day!
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