Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K is for Kat

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So, if you've been following for a few days, you've probably read my Vamp/Werewolf Role Play. The main characters being Kat and Steph.

So, here's Kat's description:

Name: Kat
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Looks: human- light brown, curly hair; blue-green eyes, 5' 7", tanned skin, very pretty
wolf- black fur, green eyes, small for a wolf
Crush: Steph
Vampire/werewolf: werewolf
Personality: somewhat like me. somewhat
Other: n/a

Here's another bit:

I was at home. Talking to Ray. We were trying to relax. The Pack was in trouble, we were told not to be involved. So we tried to forget about it. We were watching SpongeBob. Laughing hard. Not really cause the show was funny. It was, but that wasn't why we were laughing. We had played a joke on the local pups. We weren't trying to be mean. We loved them, but we needed someone to trick. My phone buzzed.
"What the hell?" I was practically yelling.
"You okay?" Ray asked.
"No... Steph..." I whispered under my breath. I hadn't heard what Ray said.
"Steph? What happened?" He knew about us still being friends. He covered for us when he could. He was excellent at it.
"He said he'd be here in five"
"Why would he do that? Somebody will see him."
"Yeah. I realize that. Dammit!"

I walked up to her house, knocking on the door. I had on my regular clothes, but I actually tried to look good today. Every other day I looked crappy. No wonder K doesn't like me. Ray answered the door. I hate Ray. He's Kat's friend, but he's a Werewolf and they make me terribly jealous. I had to punch something, but I didn't want to make anybody mad.
"Uh, hi Stephus."
"Hi Ray. Can I come in?"
"No!" I looked at him questioningly.
"Wait- it's not what it look like! I just don't want her to get in trouble!"
"Sure. Can you send her out?"
"Kat!" He called.

I can't do much else today. I've been back at school for two days. I wish I was still on Spring Break. Oh well. June will come soon enough, along with summer vacation. Well, have a good writing day!
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