Monday, April 12, 2010

J is for Jumping (to Conclusions)

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So, I don't know what jumping to conclusions has to do with today's post. I really don't. This was just an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. Well, anyways, I wanted to post a little bit more from my Vamp/Werewolf Role Play:


"Where've ya been Wolfie?" Jared asked. "Shut up." I punched him. We were in human form. "Don't call me Wolfie." My voice was ice cold. "Why, Ray calls you that?" His voice was hard. *Like I give a crap.* I didn't answer. We got to the meeting place. My father and Ray were standing in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by about 20 people from our Pack. Ray saw me and removed himself from the group, walking towards me. "Hey, Wolfie!" He waved. I waved back, my mouth pulling into a genuine smile. I may hate it when Jared calls me that, but I absolutely love it when Ray does. I walked towards him. "So, what's going' on?"


I walked into the dining hall. Oh, God. I thought I just got rid of her. Why me?! And guess who walked right up to me with a tray of food? Rebecca! The last person I wanted to see.We walked over to a table, and I reluctantly sat down. I really wasn't in the mood for Becky's senseless chatter. I flipped open my cell phone. My heart fluttered when I saw a message from Kat. Yay!I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, STEPH. WE NEED TO MEET AT THE CLEARING AT MIDNIGHT. ♥ KAT.The little heart at the end made my heart flutter. I got up and ran to my room before Becky noticed.

Just after I posted yesterday, I remembered another idea that had come to me. It's kind of a cross between I Am Legend (loved!), Avatar (also LOVED!), and Jurassic Park (I've seen it millions of times since I was five). Now, I got the idea before I saw Avatar. I might have seen I Am Legend already. I don't remember. Well here's the preface/prologue:


When the disease was first discovered, some of the greatest scientists in the world got together. They studied the behavioral and physical changes the disease caused. After abut a week, all of the scientists were dead. Well, they were still alive. They just weren't themselves anymore. They had gotten the disease. They let the captured infected people lose into the world. The disease spread like a wild fire. It could spread in any form. Like with rabies, it spread when and infected person bit a healthy one. Like genetic diseases, when an infected person has a baby before the symptoms appear. Like an STD, when an infected person- well, you get the idea. It spread like crazy and nobody knew what to do to stop it. All of the important people, like famous celebrities and UN ambassadors, hid. They went somewhere and never came back. Odds are though, that they didn't survive. They were all used to having money, power, whatever they wanted. They were used to hot baths and the fanciest food. They either couldn't handle the environment or they themselves got the disease. The population, which was almost at 10 billion, cut in half during the first month of the disease. About half of the five billion died during the next months because of the change of environment. Nobody knows what caused the environment to change. One day it was filled with tall buildings and long stretches of highway, the next all of the trees and plants had overgrown. the sidewalks and streets and highways cracked. Some of the taller buildings collapsed and there went a few million people with each fallen building. People panicked. The disease was one thing. We could protect ourselves from that. The environment was another. Earthquakes became an everyday thing. Hurricanes, tsunamis and other such disasters became just as frequent. The trees and plants grew taller and stronger. Soon it was like they were living beasts, swinging their branches and leaves about, destroying whatever was in their way. Only about 2 billion people survived the second month. At the end of the third month, the population decreased to about 200 million. By the end of the fourth, 10 million people were left. After the next month, the population stayed at a steady one million people in the world. Of course, the infected population grew steadily in these five months. By the end of this period, their population was about four billion.

Now, the whole math thing probably needs to be fixed. But for now, I'm going to leave it. What's it called? Poetic justice and whatnot. So, have a good writing day!
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