Saturday, April 10, 2010

I is for Introducing......

So, I don't have a new idea for today's blog. I have a party to get ready for. Mine! Well, I do want to introduce a few things today. I want to, first of all, post another segment of my Vamp/Werewolf Role Play:

I almost ran past the Wolf. He was running so fast and silently towards our clearing. It's a good thing he at least noticed the rabbit. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have stopped and would have noticed the vampire smell. Yeah, they did smell. Most of them smelled like death and decay. Some like Steph smelled so alive and bright. I had no idea how that really smelled, but that's what Steph smelled like to me. I recognized the wolf. It was Jared. Oh God, this ain't good.

I drug myself to the Lair (that is so stereotypical.) I mean, it was kinda dark in there. I'm the only Vampire who can go out in the sunlight, so of course the Others needed a dark place to stay. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the Others right now. I ran to my room and tried to hide the Wolfie smell. Hee-Hee. Wolfie. Wow. I'm so immature. I hoped they wouldn't notice.I was walking to the dining hall when I crashed into Rebecca. I hated her. She disgusted me. She was so into me. It was really obvious. She always followed me around and wore revealing dresses and batted her eyelashes and giggled at everything I said, hoping I would notice her. But I didn't. The only girl I ever notice is Kat, but she doesn't even love me, or LIKE me. I don’t know how much longer I can go on being "just friends." Gosh. My heart is tearing into painful little shards. "What do you want, Becky?""You." She stated, like it was so obviously what she and I already knew."Well keep dreaming. 'Cause this," I started at my head and move my hand down to my feet, inches away from my actual skin, "is already waiting to be taken by someone else.""Well I'll keep trying. You know that." She batted her eyelashes and tossed her auburn hair over her shoulder."Whatever. You won't have me for as long as you are a Vampire." I retorted. She walked away, shaking her hips just slightly, trying to be sexy. She is so lame.

Sorry I don't have anything new. I'm trying, but since school is starting on Monday, I have less time than usual. I really wish Spring Break was longer. Well, yesterday I got the idea to have a contest for every hundred followers I get. I only have six at this point. So, I have some time to figure out what I could do. Also, I have two ideas that I won't be introducing today, but they're coming up. I just need to ask my friend if she's okay with it because we share the ideas. I also have another piece that I came up with a few months ago. It's not long. It's third person, but after the prologue, I think I'll write it in first person.

World Killers

Preface- A New World (2090)
The Xcyclone Warship

Resia knelt before Majesty, who sat on her throne in the middle of the room.
“Here is your request, Majesty.” She raised the box above her head.
“Excellent. Rise.” The messenger rose and gave Majesty the box.
“You may leave now.” Majesty gestured for her to go and Resia rushed out the door.
“Enjoy, Majesty,” she hastily replied as she was leaving the room.
“Grace, my dear, come here.” Her advisor walked to Majesty’s throne was.
She had always enjoyed being in Majesty’s presence. Yes, at times she was incredibly mean; yelling at everybody, hurting people, liking the most violent solutions, but only Grace had seen the kind of person Majesty is (figuratively speaking, they considered themselves people, but they aren't humans). She was kind, wise, fun, and she only wanted the universe to be the way she thought it should be. She led the missions to kill vile creatures they came across while exploring the universe for a new home. She left the kind ones alone. Majesty may be evil at times, but her intentions were good. Although, Grace couldn't help but think, sometimes the worst things happen from the best intentions.
“Yes, Majesty. Do you require anything?”
“I've found a new planet to kill. These creatures are far beyond anything I've seen before; they’re arrogant, conceded, ignorant, vile, creatures.” Never before had Majesty used more than two words to describe any creature. Even the Lemels, the worst ones they had come across ever, had only gotten two words: blood-thirsty and arrogant.
“What do you propose we do?” Grace already booted up her contact watch and looked quickly to the right and left. The monitor screens were white instead of black, which meant that the cameras were being set up to ship to the new planet. They hadn't been used for fifteen years and it’ll be a while until they’re used again. This planet must be at least fifteen years away.
“I want Honor and her crew. Tell them to go to the conference room. You’ll be doing some research on these creatures so we know more about what we’re up against. Also get the tech crew. Ask them how many cameras they can make and tell them to triple that number and they have five days.”
“Oh course, Majesty, right away.” Grace left to the back room and sent the message to Honor. She quickly looked up the planet and kept the page on tab. She found the tech crew, a hundred people, working on Majesty’s electronic devices: her iScreen; contact watch; armor necklaces, armlets, anklets, and bracelets; her monitor control; and her broken monitors.
“Majesty wants to know how many cameras you can make,” she told Leacia, the head of the tech crew.
“We can make a hundred in ten minutes if all of us are present and we have the proper equipments,” Leacia said as she worked on the armor armlet.
“How many can you make in a day?”
“We can make twenty-five thousand if we work in the factory.”
“Majesty wants you to triple that and you have five days to work. Make half rovers and the other half stand stills.”
“That’s doable, but one question. Why does she need so many?”
“This is a bigger planet than most. Many live there and she is going to leave a fair amount of survivors. She wants to see if they’re strong enough to survive on their own and she want to see their every action.”
“Excuse me, Grace, but one more question,” Leacia said cautiously.
“Of course, Leacia, what is it?”
“What exactly is this planet called?”

I haven't edited it yet. I don't think it needs to be edited too much, though. So, have a good writing day. Happy (late) Birthday to me!
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  1. You did a good job catching up to the current letter.
    Happy Birthday! See you at your party.

    Tio Lee
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

  2. Very creepy about the skin being taken by someone else.

  3. Hey, what happened to my thoughts for your story?


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