Friday, April 9, 2010

H is for Hurray!

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Here's a little bit more of my Vampire and Werewolf:

Oh God it felt so right to be in his arms. They were strong and tightly holding me against his body. I didn't want to let go. But I did. He couldn't feel this way. I wasn't even sure *what* it was I felt. When I let go, there was another howl. Way too close. “Steph, I gotta go. I`m sorry. We have to meet some other time.” The howl was so close. I shifted and ran towards the howl, picking up a small rabbit on the way.

She ran into my arms. It felt so, i don't know. It just felt... RIGHT. Like mt world was complete. Oh God. I hope we can stay like this forever. "Steph, I gotta go. I'm sorry. We'll have to meet some other time." She shifted and ran towards a very close, but very distant howl. My heart broke right then. This was proof she didn't love me. Why does she always leave me?! I just wanted to stay in that sweet embrace forever and ever until the world ended. Then a thought hit me. Crap! Kat didn't love me.

Also, I have a few more ideas on the way. I just need a little more time. I haven't had much of it lately. By the way, I will NEVER be a teacher. I never really wanted to be one anyway, but after helping my mother today, it is official. I will not be a teacher.
Well, I only had the Vamp/Werewolf thing and new ideas announcement. So, have a good writing day!
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