Thursday, April 8, 2010

G is for Great Ideas

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So far, I've introduced you to some new ideas that I barely came up with, like Abduction, the Belonging, Creations. I will continue those because I see some potential in them. I've also introduced you to Unseen (Explanation), and my Vampire and Werewolf Role Play (Failure). So, I want post another Vampire and Werewolf bit: (Just a reminder, I write Kat's POV and my friend write Stephus's POV)

The howling stopped. Crap, what do I do? I thought. Steph wanted to meet me. The Pack wanted me to be at the meeting. I didn't have time to make my decision. I ran towards the meeting place. Shifted back into human form. Slipped into the sundress I had been wearing before. I stepped out of the darkness and into the clearing. My heart skipped a beat. Oh God. There he was standing motionless in the center of the clearing. His hair was blowing in the light breeze, shining a dark purple in the moonlight. He looked like he was glowing. Oh my Dear Lord. How could I feel this way? He was my best friend. Surely he didn't feel this way. I heard a howl, closer to me this time. Damn. I ran to Steph. He caught me in his arms. Shouldn't have done that, smart one.

I was watching the moon, thinking about Kat's eyes, while the wind blew my hair around my head in a frenzy. Her beautiful blue-green eyes. We'd been best friends forever. She supported me when I'd turned into a Vampire, and I'd been her pale shoulder to cry on when she'd discovered that her mother was a Werewolf, and so she was destined to be one, too. If she loved me, we would live on together, forever if we weren't caught. I heard a howl, but not K's howl. She's here. Stupid hair. I hope I look okay. I turned around at the speed of light. Oh my God! Holy crap! How can anything be so beautiful? I swooned, but gained composure of myself lighting fast. She stood in the clearing. Her brown hair flapping around her face in the wind. She looks like an angel. Her beautiful black sundress flattered her curves. I wanted to- no I had to stop myself. We couldn't be together. I didn't even know if she liked me. In her opinion, we were probably just friends, which killed me inside. I wanted to be WAY more than friends.

More introductions... coming up! Have a good writing day!
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