Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The First Entry

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So, here I am. I officially have two blogs: my reading blog (readerperson.blogspot.com) and my writing blog (HERE!).
This blog is for readers AND writers. I will post little bits and pieces along with background info every day or so. This is also a place to post your own writing, to comment on mine, I'll comment on yours. I'm not a proffessional. Sorry. But, I am a reader. That should count for something. I'm honest when it comes to writing. I'll tell you what I like/don't like about it. I'll tell you what I would do with it, what you should do to make it the best it could be (which in this case is two totally seperate things). This is my hope, anyway. Since my other blog has absolutely NO followers, I don't know what to expect. Hopefully, I'll get some people to read and comment. Maybe some people will show my what they've done.
Hi, I'm Writer Person. I hope that I can work with you. *hand shake*
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