Thursday, April 8, 2010

F is for Failure

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I am truly a failure. Well, at least for today. Seriously? I can't think of anything? I'm always filled to the brim with so many ideas that sometimes I can't even hear my parents when they're talking to me. Well, I'm going to use this moment of failure to introduce something my friend and I came up with about a month ago.


Kat (Girl)
There was howling in the distance. I ran, hoping I wasn't too late. Hoping they wouldn't notice. I shifted gracefully into my wolf form. I picked up speed. My long legs gliding over the ground. My black fur rustled in the blowing wind. I howled into the night. Another howl answered me. They noticed. This won't be good.

Stephus (Guy)
I ran, quick as if all hell was breaking loose. I was going to see Kat. My heart did a weird little flutter-pound in my chest. I smiled and ran my hand through my hair. I was totally in love with her. If anybody found out, they would kill me. *At least I won't burn in the sunlight,* I thought to myself. I couldn't wait. I ran to our meeting place and arrived just before my ears heard Kat running to me in her wolf form. My heart was going to burst out of my chest, even though it didn't beat. This happened every time I though about her. I sighed, wondering if she was in love with me too, and if what would happen if we were caught.

Every now and then I'll post some more. It's pretty long. And it's still going. Hope you aren't a failure today, like I am.
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