Thursday, April 8, 2010

D is for Drowning

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What a pleasant topic, huh? Drowing. Well, I'm trying to practice pain and suffering. I like books with that because it seems more real to me. I just need to practice writing it. Also, this is inspired by Flash Forward (Thursdays @ 8 on ABC 7).

First Person: (I find it's more powerful that way)

I couldn't think. The pain erased every thought I could have possibly had. My fingers clawed at him. They were frozen. They missed entirely. I could hear his laughter. Anger surged through me, before he tightened his grip. The pain, so agonizing. Why was he doing this to me? what did I ever do to him? He tightened his grip even more. I didn't think that was possible without killing me. But I knew he didn't want that. He pulled me back to the surface, the air stinging my face, burning my throat. He knew how to torture. I don't even want to know how he learned. But the air cleared my mind for a few seconds. More than enough time to find out what he was thinking. Not enough time to see what he looked like. So many dark, cruel, evil thoughts. I couldn't believe everything he had done. I gasped, just as he dunked my head back below the water. I choked on the water. Inhaled sharply, before I could stop myself. Choked. Repeated this over and over. I thought for sure I would die. I really wish I had. He pulled me back out of the water. I gasped for breath. He threw me. Literally. I landed a few feet away. On my knees, I coughed up the water. I could feel my lungs struggling to keep working. So much pain. My brain refused to think. There was too much pain for that. I felt his hands on my shoulders. I gasped, automatically kicked him. I felt his sharp intake of breath. I stumbled onto my feet, ran. I wasn't fast enough. He caught me from behind. Put his arm around my neck. Threatened to kill me. I didn't move. Listened to him talk. I wish I hadn't. I wish he had just killed me. Because I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have said yes. Shouldn't have lived to say it.

By the way, the reason she saw his thoughts is because she was psychic. That's why the guy wanted to use her. I don't really know what for though.
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